Welcome to lesson 3 of the pentatonic scale, pentatonic blues licks. By “being outside the key” means that you don't necessarily play chords and scale that belongs to the same key. Watch the video and practice the 5 patterns to. Learn the major and minor pentatonic scales, their patterns, when to use them, and why they’re the scale shortcut. In this lesson you will be learning some ways to use the pentatonic scale in a solo. pentatonic scale and practice Pentatonic Exercise 1 in all 12 keys. The pentatonic scale is known for its “pleasant” quality – and there’s a reason for this.

The Minor Pentatonic scale is constructed from five notes from the Natural Minor Scale, or Aeolian mode. Learn the Pentatonic scale. Just move it up two frets. The Pentatonic Foundation course also comes with a pdf guide book. The minor pentatonic … In my opinion, it is important that you know the sequence and how to find notes relative to the root note, such as which note is the 5th note of the scale.
A minor pentatonic We are going to learn the scale in the key of A, so, the A minor pentatonic scale. Pentatonic scales are constructed from five notes. When the player wants to lighten things up, the major pentatonic is the scale of choice. Want to play the Blues? Several typical pentatonic blues licks will be used as a starting point to develop your knowledge of the pentatonic scale. Thats it, all five scale patterns are the same. THE MINOR PENTATONIC SCALE-written by David Taub The pentatonic scale is one of the most commonly utilized scales in most music genres all over the world. These are the most dissonant intervals in music. It is really easy & fun to play on the Guitar.

Penta, is Latin for five, much like a penta-gram has five sides. Grab your guitar and get tuned up and let's go. Single-octave minor Pentatonic Box Pattern. Pentatonic & Blues scales are the most commonly used scales in most genres of music. The pentatonic scale is one of the most commonly used in all styles of music. The major pentatonic is easy to learn if you already know the minor pentatonic scale. The musical styles that use the major pentatonic are country, blues, fusion, jazz and rock. The Pentatonic Scale is a flexible scale for improvising and apart from the standard way, which is combining a scale with chords in the same key, you could also be outside the key. Imagine playing the pentatonic scale, jumping from note to note (in any order). Minor Pentatonic & Blues- The Five Box Shapes #1 Box 1 4 3 3 1 1 1 4 2 4 1 1 3 4 root notes # blue notes (b5) fingering to utilize Now we will add one note to the minor pentatonic scale and turn it into the six-note blues scale. You’ll never use these two intervals: the minor second or the tritone. It is easy to learn and is essential for learning to improvise in a blues style. This guide has all the information from the course and serves as an excellent reference if you would like to print it out or view on a tablet or computer screen. The pentatonic scale is the guru of improvisers.And it is not hard to discover the reason why everybody uses and abuses of this scale: It is easy to create and to use.Some decades before, some musicians use to earn millions just playing this scale.

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