If you cannot bowl at 140+ speed then focus on swing! Shaun Tait bowls a lot faster than Lee these days. Kiwi Pacer Shane Bond. On Cricinfo’s Hawkeye tool, Tait’s fastest delivery … The Fastest Deliveries bowled in cricket are Shoaib's 161.38 km/m. Did anyone catch what the other bowlers were bowling so that we know how seriously to take this measurement? Brett Lee and Shaun Tait also bowled fastest ball in cricket with a speed of 161 km/h. Indeed, he still bowls faster than pretty much anybody.

The current bowling coach of Indian Premier League franchise Mumbai Indians, he represented New Zealand in international tournaments … Increasing pace is not a good option if you don’t have natural pace. Then last week, at Lord's, we had Shaun Tait delivering what has been billed as the fastest over ever delivered there, during the course of which one delivery burst through the 100mph barrier. A Shaun Tait delivery was clocked at 100mph at Lord’s in a one-day match against England. New Zealand’s right-arm fast bowler Shane Edward Bond often cited as the fastest bowler of New Zealand.One of the most Dangerous Bowlers of his Time, his fastest delivery is – 156.4 kmph (97.1 mph) during ICC World Cup 2003. Full name Shaun William Tait. First of all…Are you a fast bowler or medium fast bowler? HOW TO BOWL FAST BOWL? Can you bowl at 140 kmph+ speed?

Bowling style Right-arm fast.

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