What makes the Pontiff Sulyvahn fight in Dark Souls III so difficult is that the boss's attacks in the first phase are random. You can only parry his fire sword, the Darkmoon sword is impossible to parry. @pontiff: I never tried that circling right thing, must try it in the next ng+ cycle. These are detailed instructions on 10 different ways to parry Pontiff Sulyvahn … Discussion Pontiff Sulyvahn difficulty overhyped? For example some people have trouble with Aldrich, but I always find him really easy. The Pontiff and Nameless King were the hardest bosses in the game for me. He wouldn't quit swinging for 1 fucking second and when he does my stamina is so low from rolling around so much that I ain't able to get 1 hit off him and when I distance myself from him to drink estus he hits me like a lightning bolt so at the end of the day I finally got half health from him. In short, I think he's in the middle for pacing purposes. Imho this boss is one of the cheapest fights ever. But honestly, I kept hearing people say about the legendary difficulty of the boss and how he is one of the hardest. I'm playing KB+M with my first souls game, and I didn't find him that hard. There isn't a steady difficulty curve in this game just like there wasn't in DS1. And I would agree they are deserving of a Top X ranking for the Souls series. Difficulty: 11 out of 10 Interesting Fact: Midir drops more souls than any other boss in the game. As he moves into the second phase, stay clear of the Pontiff when he's sprawled on the ground, because he generate some sort of explosion. How the fuck do I beat him? Honestly, difficulty is largely determined by your playstyle and build. A mid-game difficulty spike that is a very important moment of climax to what's been building for a long time (we've fought his minions, seen his prominence in item descriptions, traversed his city). A fter months of analyzing Pontiff Sulyvahn, his attack patterns and how to parry them, I decided to make this guide for everyone that is interested in an extreme challenge and deeper boss mechanics.

If you find pontif less hard than hyped that means you're good at playing in a way that beats him. He was pretty hard. Pontiff sulyvahn is too hard OMG I Fu**ING hate this guy as you can see the topic. Here is a video of mine, it has helped people with parrying him in the past.
Not sure if I would rank the Pontiff as #1 on such a list, but I do think he was harder for me than Nameless. Dark Souls 3 has several difficulty spikes and the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight is definitely one of them. Pontiff Sulyvahn was insanely hard on my first few playthrough as well as my SL1. He is one of the more challenging bosses in the game overall, whose difficulty increases the more you challenge yourself. Long, damaging chains and he can get the better of you if you don't time your dodges. Sulyvahn is straight out of Bloodborne, pretty much. With all the appropriate gear, you can net yourself over 1 million souls. Pontiff Sulyvahn takes inspiration from the Dancer’s variation and combines it with a sliver of Champion Gundyr’s relentlessness to become an all-round nightmare against players with more aggressive playstyles. Dark Souls 3: how to one hit KO Pontiff Sulyvahn.

That'll get you through the first phase of the fight, maybe just 1 or 2 Estus down. (By the way, when you need to heal, heal during those windows when you would otherwise be attacking him). Usually people think of something like Asylum Demon, Quelaag, Pursuer, Lost Sinner, etc. Had my ass kicked six times and most of the time I don't even last more than 10 seconds.

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