In some cases, the stem is tall and braided.

Before it became this way, I’d brought it to my local nursery for suggestion to save my plant. Remove any wrapping right away so that the drainage holes aren't blocked. Page 1 of 2 • 1 2.

Water logged soil leads to root rot.

In their natural environment, these plants live in the understory of high trees. The azalea needs 40 to 50 degree F cooling between early November and early January to force it to re-bloom.

Spread compost over the root zones, keep the soil moist, and mulch.
They thrive in cool, filtered sun. Azalea leaves and flowers tend to wilt for three reasons: Azaleas have shallow roots which leaves them vulnerable to drought which results in wilted leaves and flowers. 7 Answers. Use rainwater, if possible, as rainwater is less alkaline than tap water.

Buds should begin developing around that time.

Instead, place your azalea in a brightly lit room where it is never in direct sunlight. I have a potted Azalea I brought at the nursery a year ago. One of the selling factors was that I had …

Rhododendrons (including deciduous azaleas) may be attacked by several diseases, causing unsightly foliage or a lack of flowers. If possible, once a week submerge your potted azalea in a larger container of water, pot and all, so that the potting mix rehydrates thoroughly. It's their way of protecting themselves from dehydration. The best time to plant azaleas is in late spring or early fall.

Azaleas are acid-lovers, so if you live in a hard water area, it’s a good idea to use rainwater if you can.

3 Reasons Why your Azalea (Leaves and Flowers) are Wilting.
I was told to repot it and give it some Azalea food and it would be okay. Rhododendron diseases. The … Air inside our heated homes can be dry.

Beware the hot, dry air of a heating vent! When the bubbles stop, pull it out, and let it drain. Now that I own a few, and have also seen a friend caring for hers, I have it figured out. 2) Although we associate wilting with being dry, plants also wilt because they are TOO wet. Water only enough to keep it from wilting. Views: 12773, Replies: 33 » Jump to the end. Nurseries grow azaleas in small pots to restrict their roots (they bloom best this way), so don't repot your plant.

If this plant is in an area that retains more moisture or is wetter for other reasons (leaky irrigation system for example) the roots might be rotting.

Spread compost over the root zones, keep the soil moist, and mulch. Care of Indoor Azalea.

Give your azalea the right amount of light. Rainwater contributes to the acidic conditions that azaleas prefer.

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