a fat land 1; fertile adj. Prolific (adjective) Similarly producing results or works in abundance. Productive Bringing into being; causing to exist; producing; originative; as, an age productive of great men; a spirit productive of heroic achievements.

Prolific (adjective) Fertile, producing offspring or fruit in abundance — applied to plants producing fruit, animals producing young, etc.
- Marked by great fruitfulness; Yielding positive results.. See more. Prolific vs. Productive (adjective) Capable of producing something, especially in abundance; fertile. fruitful (productive or conducive to producing in abundance) What does fertile mean? Synonym dari productive atau persamaan kata. Information and translations of fertile in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … "This is turning nobility into a principle of virtue, and making it productive of merit." rich soil 1; fat adj. Word Definitions | Text Translation | Dictionary | Thesaurus.

Sinonim Kata Tulis kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia atau Bahasa Inggris: productive English Thesaurus. Synonyms for "productive" in Englisch including definitions, and related words. marked by great fruitfulness 1. a productive vineyard 1; producing or capable of producing (especially abundantly) 1. productive farmland 1; his productive years 1; a productive collaboration 1; having the ability to produce or originate 1; yielding positive results 1 in a productive way 1. they worked together productively for two years 1; productive: productive. 1. marked by great fruitfulness "fertile farmland" "a fat land" "a productive vineyard" "rich soil" 2. producing or capable of producing (especially abundantly) "productive farmland" "his productive years" "a productive collaboration" 3. having the ability to produce or originate "generative power" "generative forces" 4. yielding positive results. A child's mind is a fertile place; an idea can grow there very easily. productive (adj.) Published: 7 Sep, 2019. Adjective (1) producing or capable of producing (especially abundantly (2) having the ability to produce or originate (3) yielding positive results (4) marked by great fruitfulness Show Examples (1) The South Zone hunter who juggles the options should be able to enjoy productive hunts during the …
"And kindle with thy own productive fire." - Capable of creating fruit (especially abundantly); Having the ability to originate adj. Definition of fertile in the Definitions.net dictionary. productive - adj. Productive definition, adj. Definition of productive.

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