If you can prove that the contrapositive of a statement is true then the original statement must also be true.. For example, the assertion "If it is my car, then it is red" is equivalent to "If that car is not red, then it is not mine". Then which is an odd number. Show that this is Show that this is not an if and only if statement by giving a counterexample to the converse. 6. The basic idea is to assume that the statement we want to prove is false, and then show that this assumption leads to nonsense.

This new method is not limited to proving just conditional statements – it can be used to prove any kind of statement whatsoever. Proposition: If is even then x is even.

A contrapositive proof seems more reasonable: assume n is odd and show that n3 +5 is even. MAT231 (Transition to Higher Math) Proof by Contradiction Fall 2014 3 / 12. The method of contradiction is an example of an indirect proof: one tries to skirt around the problem and nd a clever argument that produces a logical contradiction.

Proof: Suppose x;y 2N and x2 y2 = 1. Proof: Assume that x is odd then we have an integer k such that x = 2k+1.

For our next example, consider the following proposition concerninganintegerx: Proposition If x2 ¡6 ¯5 iseven,thenx isodd.

Therefore y = 0, contradicting that it is positive.


Let me show you another example where a contrapositive proof is so much easier to carry out.

The contrapositive of this statement is: “if a² ≠ b² + c² then the triangle in not right-angled at ‘A’”.

Prove that if x is irrational, then x1=6 is also irrational. Though the proofs are of equal length, you may feel that the con-trapositive proof flowed more smoothly.

Then (x + y)(x y) = 1, so x y and x + y are divisors of 1. Example Questions. Which follows from the fact that every even number greater than $2$ is divisible by $2$, hence not prime.

The proof will use the following definitions. A First Example: Proof by Contradiction Proposition: There are no natural number solutions to the equation x2 y2 = 1. We started with direct proofs, and then we moved on to proofs by contradiction and mathematical induction.

This means that if is even then x is even. But proving contrapositive equivalent form is very easy, and you don't to do any choice.

Proof by Contradiction We now introduce a third method of proof, called proof by contra-diction. The second approach works well for this problem. QED.

Prove that for x ∈ Z , if 5x + 9 is even, then x is odd.

Then (x y) = (x + y) = 1. This is because it is easier to transforminformationabout xintoinformationabout7 ¯9 thantheother way around. Proof by Contrapositive July 12, 2012 So far we’ve practiced some di erent techniques for writing proofs. However, today we want try another approach that works well here and in other important cases where a contrapositive proof may not. Example: Parity Here is a simple example that illustrates the method. If $n$ is even then $n$ is not prime. So, to prove "If P, Then Q" by the method of contrapositive means to prove "If Not Q, Then Not P". So, 0 = (x + y) (x y) = 2y.

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