Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting 500 seeds. Traditional favourite now hailed as a 'superfood'.

Sprouting variety. For many, this will mean that the Purple Sprouting broccoli seeds … Choose from full-size head varieties or mini broccoli types: broccoli raab, leaf broccoli, sprouting broccoli, and broccoli X gailon. For best results steam the broccoli and don’t boil it. A classic favorite in the garden.

Container Friendly. With no need for winter chill to produce excellent crops of tender purple spears from Jul to Nov. Rich coloured heads and spears June to November. Purple sprouting early broccoli seeds germinate quickly and consistently with most seedlings emerging 7 to 10 days after sowing. Coated seed to aid visibilty when sowing. Approximate seeds per pack: 200. However all the seeds need to start off in a 13mm deep seedbed, and be transplanted when the plants are large enough to handle.

These are great all around heirloom broccoli seeds adaptable to any home organic garden. Broccoli Seeds | Start seed indoors 6 weeks before the last killing frost, for early spring crop. Each seed packet contains approximately 50 untreated heirloom broccoli seeds. Annual. Crops 20-40 weeks from sowing. - Ideal for garnishes or used fresh in salads and other gourmet culinary creations - Once the main head … Summer Sprouting is specifically bred for summer cropping tolerating summer heat. First, gardeners will need to determine the best time for planting. Growing Information.

Plant in rows 2 1/2 feet apart, with 18 inches to 2 feet between the plants. Height: 3 ft Spread: 2 ft. Sow 18mm deep on a finely raked 'seedbed'. Use within a few hours of harvesting. Germination takes place within 7-12 days.

Purple sprouting broccoli is a summer cropping vegetable, which can be started early in a greenhouse during March or sown directly into seed beds during favourable weather conditions. Quantity Add to basket You can order: 5 quantity of this product More Info; Very easy to grow, hardy winter vegetable. Sow from February to May.

£1.09 . Mostly used for sprouting, but once full maturity is reached dark purple … Tall and prolific, Purple Sprouting Broccoli … Time to Harvest Purple sprouting early broccoli takes from 14 to 16 weeks to produce their first, central head.

Full & Partial Sun. The Early Purple Broccoli Plant produces extremely flavorful heads of broccoli that are bright purple. Purple sprouting broccoli in summer! You will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our Heirloom Purple Sprouting Broccoli Seeds especially if grown in a 100% organic garden.

Seeds can be sown in small pots or modular trays during March. Grow Heirloom Broccoli - Purple Sprouting Broccoli Seeds: Not a product of some scientist's musings, Purple Sprouting Broccoli is actually an English heirloom variety bred for overwintering. Combining this and other varieties, … To succession-plant broccoli for optimal performance and yield, follow our Broccoli Planting Program. The latest of the late sprouting broccolis, Summer Purple broccoli seeds begin producing spears the summer after planting - from June to October if kept well picked. Sowing in a greenhouse. Plant in rows 2 1/2 feet apart, with 18 inches to 2 feet between the plants. Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli A sublime wintertime treat, this buttery soft, nutty-flavored broccoli from the U.K. can grow unprotected in zones 7b and warmer. Gardeners in cooler climates can grow … Days till maturity: 60. BROCCOLI – SUMMER PURPLE SPROUTING . Depending on what variety of Broccoli seeds you decide on, will vary when the seeds are needed to be sown. With Purple Sprouting broccoli, care should be taken to ensure that the plants are grown throughout the coolest portion of the growing season.

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