This sample letter can be used/modified to assist employers with communicating a reduction in hours to non-exempt employees due to the business impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Without the proper communication, your staff will feel even more negatively about the change. Reduction in Force Plan Template: Overview. At the end of the letter, offer to answer any additional questions. Employees should be paid, their contracted rate (which cannot be below the minimum wage), for each and every hour they work regardless of Alert Level. If you're unsure who it's addressed to then use 'Dear Sir or Madam' and explain you wish to reduce your hours and why. (Describe in … As per the company policy if an employee participates in sports festivals s/he will be given relaxation in working hours. Dealing with a problem raised by an employee; Discrimination, bullying and harassment; Disciplinary and grievance procedures; Making a claim to an employment tribunal; Tailored support for your workplace; Dispute resolution; Training; Research and commentary; About us Template: Temporary reduction in hours: Category: Human Resources: Description: Notify an employee that their work hours are being temporarily reduced. The employer and employee may agree to increase hours to normal levels at Level 3 or 2. I wrote this letter to you to request you for a reduction in my duty hours. Reduction of Salary HRD/C002/MEDIA Date; 30/07/2011 To,. 2.

Dear [Employee Name]: I regret to inform you that you are being laid off from your position as [position name] effective [date layoff goes into effect]. These layoffs are not related to individual performance. Sports schedule is attached to this letter. As I am a part-time employee (Job Type) and a university student too so I have to manage both things altogether. Here comes a collection of 15 Free Employee Work Schedule Templates to help anyone rescue the situation where he/she doesn’t know how to create one such schedule. Doing so will protect your corporate brand image, minimize negative impact on employees, and retain quality talent. When business is down, it is often necessary to lay people off or reduce hours. Letter to Employee - Reduction in Hours For Non-Exempt Employee Due to COVID-19; Letter to Employee - Recall to Work After Layoff Due to COVID-19; Termination Letter to Employee - Failure to Return to Work Following Layoff Recall; Tips for Conducting a Remote Layoff; Employee Reminders During COVID-19 Layoff or Shutdown This letter is likely very important to your employee or former employee – their housing, future employment, or insurance may depend on it. SAMPLE – Reduction‐in Force (Reduced Work Hours) State Agency [Date] [Name] [Address] Via [Hand Delivery OR Certified Mail No._____] Dear [Mr./Ms. Details: This process includes: Notification of temporary reduction in work hours To be completed by the supervisor of the employee …

One of the most important aspects of implementing a salary reduction is the communication you will use to alert your employees of this change. Provide a form of contact for the recipient, such as your phone number or email. The employee should keep this fact in mind that it would be difficult for the boss to reduce his working hours. Considering this, he can make a few suggestions so that the employee can easily think of reducing his working hours. Some employers and employees may have agreed a reduction in hours during Alert Level 4. Then take a sentence or two to explain what “reduced work hours” means, as you will have a few employees who have never heard of that before. To start the letter, announce that your organization will be having a reduction in force in the form of reduced work hours. A recent [restructuring, economic downturn, buyout, etc] requires that [company name] lays off [number] employees. Having a reduction in force plan template – and using it efficiently - will ensure that you conduct layoffs at a highly professional standard. Salary Reduction Letter: What should it include? Please click on the link below to gain access to it. Edit and proofread before you send. XYZ Pvt Ltd is going through financially difficult times. No one likes to give bad news, especially to employees.

These messages are particularly difficult to write in a letter because it may seem that no matter how you state the facts, the recipients will be angry and upset.

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