The following is a list of the best Remington 870 barrels currently on the market. There are many barrels available for the Remington 870 and other shotgun models. Most of the barrels have standard lengths like 18.5″, 21″, 26″, and 28″. Most of the barrels have standard lengths like 18.5″, 21″, 26″, and 28″.

Please note one important caution when ordering extra Remington Shotgun barrels. remington 870 cantilever barrel review, remington 870 cantilever changed to rifle sights, remington 870 cantilever rifled slug barrel reviews, remington 870 cantilever scope mount rings, what scope mount is used for 870 rifled cantilever barrel. One of the popular questions I receive is about Remington 870 barrels. Remington 12ga 870P barrel 14" XS low Profile, Non trit or Front Trit. $214.00. Remington Barrels, 870 Barrels, shotgun barrels.
Out of stock. Testing Remington 870 Shotgun Barrels of Different Lengths and Chokes with Slugs ... Chokes, Review.

Some of them ... Remington 870 Barrel Best Remington 700 Bipods Some Long vented rib barrel is good for hunting, … "Remington 870 Barrel" For Sale. There are many barrels available for the Remington 870 and other shotgun models. This way, you can choose which will be best for your intended use going forward.

That isn't bad, for woods hunting. The barrel I have is a brand new Model 870 Remington Super Slug Deer Barrel with a cantilever scope mount. From what I've researched, folks at Remington feel the best that you can expect from a stock 870 rifled slug gun is 3 moa (100 yards), due to the tolerances involved (barrel/action slop). $29.99. Mossberg Remington 870 Barrel. This Model 870 Express slug gun with ShurShot stock puts exceptional accuracy and swift-handling characteristics in the hands of left and right-handed deer hunters. Remington 870 12ga Wadlock Barrel - 3" - Turkey/Buckshot Barrel - Cantilever Scope Mount - 24" Length - Matte Finish SKU: 870 TBWL 24" M CT II Choke Tube System: Full (Included) You will be surprised but Mossberg company manufactures barrels for Remington 870. Remington 870 Barrels. Need Help Filtering. ... Remington 870 12 Gauge Slug Barrel, Cantilever Mount - 24" - Matte .

JAW-DROPPING PRECISION. Perfect for deer hunters wanting rifle-like performance in an affordable, yet dependable, shotgun package, the Model 870 Express Synthetic Fully Rifled Cantilever utilizes fully rifled, heavy contour barrels to deliver devastating knockdown power with optimal accuracy. Click on a term to search for related topics. As you look through each one, you’ll need to be able to note the features and characteristics of both. First of all, there are different barrels for different purposes.

Mossberg Remington 870 24″ Slug Shotgun Barrel w/ Cantilever Mount, 12-Gauge More information about Carlsons Remington 870 barrels and ordering on Brownells. Description: Remington 870 Express Deer Barrel, 12 Gauge, Fully Rifled, 23" Length, Cantilever Scope Mount, Matte Finish.Extra barrels are a handy accessory when you wish to change barrel length.

Out of stock.

New for 2009, building upon the success of our 12 gauge versions, Remington is excited to announce the Model 870 Express ShurShot FR-CL (Fully Rifled Cantilever Barrel) in 20 Gauge. Price Match (2) Remington 20 Gauge 18 1/2" Fully Rifled Express Barrel w/Can $ 203.00. Mossberg Barrels for Remington 870.

... Remington 700 ADL 300Win Mag 26 Syn 3-9x40 Scp 4rd 26in $ 486.00 (0)

Factory new 12ga 870 barrel.

It came with an inexpensive 2 X 7 32mm scope but I replaced the scope with a nice Leupold VariX-II 2-7 power scope. Many readers ask what is the best Remington 870 barrel and why. Review of the Best Remington 870 Barrels. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Remington 870 12 Gauge Slug Barrel, Cantilever Mount, Mounted Scope - 24" - Matte Blue ... 1 Review. GAME-DROPPING POWER. ... Remington Barrels 27597 870 12 Gauge 23" Blued Cantilever Scope $ 203.00.

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