These girls may once have been likable in their high school years but this will more than likely change when attending this institution, especially by "infedels" who are not priveledged enough to attend UST.

How simpler can I put it for you? There has only ever been 4 sighting of Kyle and he was found at disney on the stage of the castle jacking off, the people who spotted him followed him all the way back to the African jungle and were never seen again.

He is kind, caring, funny, and slightly flirtatious. More than anything he wants a significant other, someone who will appreciate him as much as he does others. He asks how your day was and isn't afraid to tell you how he feels about you. LOLZORS See more.

He's not any average guy, he actually cares, and listens.

I know, like this: ITS TEH AROWW DUHHUUHH!

Thomas definition, an apostle who demanded proof of Christ's Resurrection.

A private college in St. Paul Minnesota where prude, spoon fed cunts prance the campus in their Manhattan inspired attire. Thomas is a best friend as well as someone who you can fall in love with instantly.

John 20:24–29.

where you stick it in a persons ear and pull it out and wipe it under the persons nose and you say TA DA!

It's an arrow. Thomas is a very mysterious guy. Tomás is tan and has the best hair and MUSCLES! a big man with a very large dick typically having 3-5 pounds of pubic hair.

He has a great sense of humor and never gets mad at his friends. He is very thoughtful.

He is the sweetest person and would never leave your side. Found in the African Jungle and is known to masturbate in public settings. Thomas is the greatest boyfriend that anyone could ever ask for. Tomás is the sweetest person you will ever meet. thats a dirty thomas. Once you have him, you won't ever want to let him go, you'll want him to be in your arms forever.

Doubting Thomas definition: If you describe someone as a doubting Thomas , you mean they refuse to believe something... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples He is overlooked, but shouldn’t be, because when you make a friend like Thomas, you will never let him go.

He respects his girl's feelings and wishes. Often people see him as an outsider never giving him the chance to prove himself.

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