English. She has released four solo albums, three EPs and a number of singles. The Light 2019. Home to You Cate Le Bon. Reward 2019. Cate Le Bon has announced a new album. Reward ... the lyrics are certainly set off to the side of what one might … I Think I Knew Cate Le Bon, Perfume Genius.

Reward is Cate Le Bon’s most emotionally astute record to date, and her melodic prowess is the strongest it’s ever been. Cate Le Bon. Home to You 2019. Cate Le Bon Articles and Media. Cate Le Bon Here It Comes Again lyrics & video : [Verse 1] Modern debt Essential luck The dog hair in the gloss Fortunate or not enough? Daylight Matters 2019. Rock Pool 2017. Cate Le Bon (born Cate Timothy on 4 March 1983) is a Welsh singer-songwriter, currently based in Los Angeles. It’s called Reward and it’s out May 24 via Mexican Summer.Ahead of the LP, Le Bon has shared “Daylight Matters.” Listen to …

The Welsh musician Cate Le Bon is an expert curator of sounds. With that, Reward sounds like a modern classic, because it has a longevity that very few records possess. 03. Born in the Echoes The Chemical Brothers, Cate Le Bon. Company. Cate Le Bon joins Aquarium drunkard to "reconcile all of the people and places that played into her most glamorous (and best) work to-date," Reward, "a musical product that was informed and fueled by what she learned from "working with her hands, becoming comfortable with just focusing on the physical product in front of her." Lyrics for top songs by Cate Le Bon. 04. She sings in both English and Welsh. In Reward, Cate Le Bon opens up emotionally, to stunning effect.


There’s an aura of intense loneliness permeating the silences and restraint in every track here - the clipped, wordless sighing accompanied by those saxophones in Miami, the increasingly unstable tuning of Home To You, the feeling of a spiralling, unravelling mind in The Light. Album of the Year 2019 #30: Cate Le Bon - Reward Hello everyone and welcome back to Album of the Year 2019, the yearly series where the users of r/indieheads talk their favorite albums of the year. All of this is significant to Cate Le Bon’s Reward, her fifth solo album, which she wrote while attending classes about making furniture.

01. Cate Le Bon's fifth album Reward offers treasures beyond the everyday realm.

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