Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Russian Cream, Vanilla. buy russian cream dank vape online on best dank vapes … Formerly Known as Russian Cream. Each Breeze Device comes in delicious flavors that will surely satisfy any flavor craving! Slow build, but gives an awesome body high then a big head high comes in. xoxo. (formerly Russian Cream) by The Finest E-Liquid is a blend of velvety vanilla bean, creamy custard, and cured tobacco for a vapable blend that is … Russian Cream is just one of those offerings and has achieved countless honors from an array of consortiums. Description ; Reviews (0) Description. Category: Dank Vapes. , russian cream vapedank Product ID: 4128 Units: Clear: Earn up to 700 Points. Excellent Vanilla Cream infused flavour that tastes sweet and juicy. Add to cart. Imagine all of your worries being taken away from you as you explore the delicious wonderland. I required 6-7 hits to achieve desired results. This premium vape juice flavor just really towers over the rest of the competition. You may have heard that only fools rush in, but there is nothing foolish about rushing to purchase a bottle of this decadent vape juice from The Finest E-Liquid. The throat hit is noticeable but it is not rough on the exhale. Russian Cream Salt E-Liquid by Finest Saltnic Series 30ml *New Name V.C.T* Taste Test: Russian Cream Salt E-Liquid by Finest Saltnic Series is a full-flavored, smooth blend of sweet vanilla, creamy custard, and fine tobacco. Buy Russian Cream Full Gram Dank Vape Cartridge. Russian Cream by The Finest Signature Edition contains a rich combination of tobacco and vanilla custard within a 120ml premium vape juice blend available here in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Buy Now From The #1 Online Vape Shop! Russian Cream by Breeze is a smooth and creamy vanilla with a subtle cigar flavor. Russian Cream E-Juice by The Finest begins with a base of the choicest tobacco leaves, which are expertly cured to harness the plant’s natural sweet undertones. The Russian Cream isn’t just your ordinary VCT – this flavor takes the traditional Vanilla, Custard, and Tobacco mix to new heights. RUSSIAN CREAM quantity. (Previously Russian Cream) - USA Vape Juices is our item. PURE Vape Cartridge – Russian Cream (93% THC) $ 50.00. I apologize but you enough I love EightVape so make sure to check them out! The extravagant and luxurious vanilla custard and tobacco flavor profile is one that you will see a lot of in the vaping industry but none of them provide the same experience that Russian Cream does.

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