This picks up where that one left off, with Los Angeles in ruins and the earthquakes continuing to impact all along the San Andreas fault, growing in number and size until they threaten to …

On one hand, it tears the state of California asunder.

While disaster movies of past eras let the viewer build up a nice head of disdain for their weasely characters before suitably dispensing with them, “San Andreas” is both too fleetly action-packed and too damn nice to provide many hisses. Dwayne Johnson owns the movie right from the opening scene where we expect him to take charge of daring rescue after a motorist has steered off the road and is hanging on a cliff. And even though the movie showed disregard to the laws of science, San Andreas is still 1,000,000% more believable than The Rock’s work on Fast & Furious. Tweet on Twitter. San Andreas Viewer Rating: 3.5/5 *** San Andreas Movie Review: For those who had studied Geography, they will remember that San Andreas Fault, a famous tectonic boundary with a few notable earthquakes in historic times.

Gone were the days where audience are … The heroic Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson buoys up this predictable-to-a-fault disaster movie. “San Andreas” should be judged exactly for what it is: A fast-paced disaster film with engaging performances and exhilarating set-pieces of destruction I am not a fan of disaster movies. 22.

It starts with a couple of men in a helicopter rescuing a single woman, and then expands exponentially, as a record-breaking earthquake rocks California from Los Angeles all the way to San Francisco.

"San Andreas" is a popcorn disaster movie, a genre that was usual in the 70's, but with state-of-art special effects.

0. “San Andreas” is, admittedly, a ‘B’ movie since it contains many of the requisite components of one; lightweight characterizations, predictable relationships, clichéd dialog, improbable escapes, expected resolutions and heartbreaking farewells. Directed by Brad Peyton, the movie stays true to its definition of a natural disaster film, and is a natural disaster itself. Ray’s daughter, Blake, is a brave, resourceful figure in her own right—using lessons from her dad and a wealth of common sense to stay alive and a step ahead of disaster.

Share on Facebook. You're not watching San Andreas because it's a "good" movie. The big earthquake in “ San Andreas ” — excuse me, the “seismic swarm event” — has its pros and cons.

Without The Rock this movie is probably complete garbage.

San Andreas Movie Review.

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