... A haphazard mound of earth was the only thing holding back the rising waters of the Sandy River. The Sandy River is home to winter steelhead, spring Chinook and Coho salmon, all listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act. Removal of the Marmot Dam began in July 2007, and the final breach that unshackled the river occurred on October 19, 2007. A similar, more recent incident has stymied dam removal in Michigan. Yesterday, American Whitewater signed an agreement to remove two dams in the Sandy River Basin that currently block passage for threatened salmon and steelhead. It is the biggest dam removal in Oregon to date and the tallest dam removed in the Northwest in forty years, according to PGE. The Little Sandy River Diversion Dam was removed the next summer. The Marmot dam demolition on the Sandy river will be the largest dam removal in the Pacific Northwest in 40 years and the largest ever in the US state of Oregon. The Lower Salmon River upstream of the former Marmot Dam in recent years has undergone extensive riparian and river restoration.

Following the removal of the dam, salmon and steelhead almost immediately recolonized the Little Sandy. The Little Sandy River is a key tributary to the main-stem Sandy River. Untangling the Politics of Dam Removal. The Marmot Dam demolition will be the largest dam removal in the Pacific Northwest in 40 years and the largest ever in Oregon. Date Taken: Thursday, October 18, 2007 Scott Collins. The Sandy River Delta dam removal project will restore fish habitat at the confluence of the Sandy and Columbia rivers. The State of Oregon lists coho as an endangered species. With the Marmot Dam removal and other habitat restoration in the Sandy River Basin Salmon, Steelhead, and Pacific lamprey are making a comeback. In the 1930s, the Oregon Game Commission redirected the main branch of the Sandy River, also known as the East Channel, in an attempt to improve fish runs.

Removing the dams allowed the Sandy and Little Sandy to run free for the first time in ninety-six years.

Nearly a century later, PGE decides to remove it. The takedown of the Brown Bridge Dam, the first of three planned removals along the Boardman River near Traverse City, went awry in 2012 when a construction accident caused a 170-acre lake that had been formed by the dam to empty in six hours rather than three weeks as planned. Reviews. Contractors finished the demolition of Marmot Dam on September 20 of that year. The Sandy River area affected by the Marmot Dam removal has only become more useful to people for recreation.

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