According to Page DuBois, the language, as well as the content, of Sappho's poetry evokes an aristocratic sphere.
Commentary: Page, Denys Lionel. Chapter 2.

Sappho Fragment 2, ‘The apple grove’ (Contributed by Andrew Bellon) The musical language of this fragment has always haunted me, especially the second stanza. Instead, he offers a version of “those more versed in the ancient lore,” according to which Kephalos son of Deioneus was the very first to have leapt, impelled by love for Pterelas (Strabo 10.2.9 C452). He specifically disclaims Menander’s version about Sappho’s being the first to take the plunge at Leukas. So must we learn in world made as this one Man can never attain his greatest desire, [But must pray for what good fortune Fate holdeth, Never unmindful.] This page intentionally left blank . Sappho (en grec ancien Σαπφώ) [1], [2] est une poétesse grecque de l'Antiquité qui a vécu aux VII e siècle et VI e siècle av. vii TRANSLATOR’S NOTE T o facilitate reference the poems and fragments are arranged in the order of the standard edition of Lobel & Page. I: Sappho and Alcaeus. When the beloved departed, she was weeping, and told Sappho that she did not want to go. Pap. Dirk Obbink “The New Sappho” actually comprises a group of papyrus fragments, quotations, and testimonia for Sappho’s poetry dating back more than two millennia. Two new Sappho fragments that an anonymous, private collection in London, recently allowed scholars to transcribe. Thus in fragment 2 Sappho has Aphrodite "pour into golden cups nectar lavishly mingled with joys", while in the Tithonus poem she explicitly states that "I love the finer things [habrosyne]". The ἐν δ’ ὔδωρ ψῦχρον κελάδει δι’ ὔσδων μαλίνων, creates a startling and sonorous spatial depth that for me is one of the most remarkable lines in Greek poetry.

Cambridge: Harvard University Press. i. col. i. l. 18. (Cox) Powell (1915) has a fragment of verse two, which he gives the source as: Sappho, Oxyrh. Fragment 2. δεῦρύ μ’ ἐκ Κρήτας ἐπ[ὶ τόνδ]ε ναῦον ; ἄγνον, ὄππ[ᾳ τοι] χάριεν μὲν ἄλσος ... Greek Lyric, Vol. Summary “Fragment 94” begins with a lament: Sappho or her beloved expressing a desire for death. 1955. x. p. 23; Frag. Sappho Fragments 58–59: Text, Apparatus Criticus, and Translation . The Poetry of Sappho 1 Sappho of Lesbos 43 The Text of Sappho’s Poems 45 Abbreviations and Bibliography 49 Textual Notes 51. In response, Sappho told her to be happy and remember that she was loved.

Loeb Classical Library. Sappho and Alcaeus: An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Lesbian Poetry.

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