So I started Master Mode and have been getting a lot of 5 Shot Burst Savage Lynel Bows from Gold Lynel, and decided to do some math. First off, let me list a few "variables" we'll be dealing with so we're all on the same page: Savage Lynel Bow base damage: 32. Lynel Bow are items in Breath of the Wild. Lynel bows can be found with Red Lynels. For The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Poll: Best Modifier for a Savage Lynel Bow". A Lynel bow is wielded by a Red-maned Lynel. I’ve been calling them Spread bows instead of multishot because I’m used to it from Monster Hunter, but now it actually is a Spread Bow.

I use stasis+, my strongest weapon, savage lynel bow (5x is better, and lots of arrows) and high level attack power boost (bananax4+monster extract), max ancient armor for insurance. Zeveria 2 years ago #12. Now, normally the Lynels in the two gatehouses don't leave their gear behind after you slay them, but there's a way you can still get it. save and load in front of his spawn point, stasis, arrow to the head, mount attack, slow-mo arrow as you get off, after you land then try another head shot, stasis when he charges, repeat. The blue-maned Lynel in Hyrule Castle always carries Mighty gear. [name reference missing] Location and Uses. Just got a 5 shot Savage Lynel Bow. I'd agree on the lynel thing...they're really the only tough fight in the game. While this bow has a more powerful counterpart called the Savage Lynel Bow, the lesser "Mighty" variant is still one of the strongest, most useful bows in Breath of the Wild. Headshot bonus: X2. Just hunted a white Lynel and got a Savage Bow with 5-Shot Burst. Guardians are tricky, I guess, but there's a bunch of ways to nerf them and there's always reflecting beams. Tier-3 Attack Boost bonus: 50%. After entering the gatehouse by the main gate and seeing the Lynel drop down, save your game and reload the save. Bomb Arrow damage (on impact): +50. After this just fight the Lynel and he should leave his gear behind on his defeat. User Info: Hotel_Security. It is noted that late in the game, a Blue Lynel will change into a White-Maned Lynel or a Silver Lynel that drops a Savage Lynel Bow. Lynels are laughably easy. It has a base attack damage of 10 and can shoot three arrows simultaneously while consuming only one in the inventory. Arrow count: 5. This weapon has a key attribute - the ability to fire off 3 arrows at once, essentially tripling the damage inflicted; assuming all 3 hit their mark. User Info: Zeveria.
Hotel_Security 2 years ago #11.

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