(ii) Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber next to Cotton (Gossypium sp). Preferred Scientific Name.

Jute is confusingly applied to any plant of the genus Corchorus and to its fiber. English: nalta jute; red jute Saluyot (Tagalog), Jute, Jew’s mallow, Egyptian spinach, jute mallow, bush okra, West African sorrel (En), Chang shouo huang ma (Ch).

Jute is the common name of the plant. Corchorus lanceolatus Don; Corchorus longicarpus Don; Corchorus pseudo-olitorius Chatterjee; Corchorus quinquelocularis Moench; International Common Names. What is the common name for jute plant? Corchorus olitorius L. Preferred Common Name. Jute mallow, saluyot, Jute, Jew’s mallow, Egyptian spinach, bush okra, West African sorrel, Chang shouo huang ma, Krinkrin are some common name of Jute and was once known as the golden fiber of Bangladesh, since it was the most important cash crop for the country. Scientific name: Colona auriculata, English name: Earlike jute, Thai name: ปอขี้ตุ่น. Krinkrin (Fr) Saluyot (Corchorus olitorius) is an edible leafy vegetable that is a member of the genus Corchorus, classified under the subfamily Grewioideae of … (iv) Jute fiber is the cheapest vegetable fiber and it helps to make best quality industrial yarn, fabric, net and saves. jute; Other Scientific Names. (iii) Jute is eco-friendly material without having any bad impacts on environment except the bad odor emitted from retting tank.
Corchorus catharticus Blanco; Corchorus decemangularis Roxb. The flowers are solitary with The leaves are broad-ovate, lanceolate, toothed margins. Scientific Name: Corchurus olitorious L. Common Names: Jute Mallow or Jew’s Mallow; Jute (English) Local names: Saluyot (Tagalog); Tugabang (Bisaya) BOTANICAL DESCRIPTION Jute is an erect, grabrous, annual plant or shrub, growing up to 2 meters high.
Gen info Corchorus is a genus plant of about 40-100 species in the family Malvaceae. Scientific names of jute are as follows: - for white jute = corchorus capsularis - for tossa jute = corchorus olitorius

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