from the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf game. August 2, 2015 onenightultimate 6 Comments “Sentinel, wake up.

Go back to town (again) with One Night Ultimate Alien, another expansion in the One Night series that requires the app and adds a lot of cool new roles, but like Daybreak before it succeeds much more as an expansion than a standalone. includes Seer, Aura Seer, Masons etc). Minion: Your role is to protect the werewolves at all cost. About; Search for: Roles In Depth. Only other tid bit beyond the roles is that the sentinel acts first Last edited Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:48 am (Total Number of Edits: 2) Posted Wed Sep 17, 2014 7:42 am

2) If no one is a Werewolf and no one dies.

At night, open your eyes and look for other werewolves. One Night Ultimate Werewolf Rules What You Need (Play As You Learn) Werewolf Cards; Werewolf Tokens; Smart phone or Tablet 4 or more players (ideally 5-8) 15 minutes per game; Soft table cloth/towel/mat; Recommended: Speaker (especially with 5 or more players) Step 1: Setting up. The Sentinel is a night role in One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak. Game type: Cooperative, Verbal, Party Number of players: 3-10 Suggested age: 10+ Game Pieces Characters/cards: alpha wolf, mystic wolf, dream wolf, sentinel… The Tanner is a day role in One Night Ultimate Werewolf. ROLES THAT WAKE UP AT NIGHT SENTINEL The Sentinel wakes up and may

You may place a shield token on any player’s card but your own.” From Daybreak, on Team Village.

If you're a One Night Ultimate Werewolf veteran, add a few of the Daybreak roles to each game un- til you become comfortable with them. The Doppelgänger does the following based on what she sees (roles marked with a * are nightac- tions that the Doppelgänger does immediately): *Sentinel: The Doppelgänger-Sentinel may im- night.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Overview You and the other players take on a role in a village and try to discover who the werewolves are without drawing suspicion to yourself. Each player takes on the role of a Villager, a Werewolf, or a special character. The village team wins: 1) If at least one Werewolf dies. Pick one person to be game facilitator.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak is a fast game for 3-7 players in which everyone gets a hidden role, each with a special ability. Game type: Cooperative – Teams – Verbal Number of players: 3-10 Suggested age: teen+ Game Pieces 16 role tokens: 3 villagers, 2 werewolves, 2 masons, […] Primary Menu Skip to content. If you die, you win.

This person will read the rules out loud, and manage the App.

6.5 / 10 standalone, 8 / 10 expansion.

The Tanner only wins if he dies. Overview This is an expansion to “One Night Ultimate Werewolf” that adds new characters and abilities to the base game. One option to minimize the probability of becoming a Werewolf is to resolve to look at only one card or even no cards, rather than two.

(No plain "villagers" here!) Search. It is possible for no one to be a Werewolf if all Werewolf cards are in the center. One Night Ultimate Strategy. I would only do this if the cards in use in the game strongly favors Team Village (e.g. In the course of a single morning, your village will decide who among them is a werewolf...because all it takes is finding one werewolf to win!

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak is a fast game for 3 7 players (up to 10 when combined with the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf game) where everyone gets a role: The cunning Alpha Wolf, the powerful Witch, the helpful Apprentice Seer, or others, each with a …
It’s your job to figure out who the Werewolves are and to kill at least one of them in order to win... unless you’ve become a Werewolf yourself. nal One Night Ultimate Werewolf roles, we sug- est that you play with the new roles without the oppelgänger before playing with her. One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Even if one or more players who are not Werewolves die in addition to a Werewolf dying, everyone on the village team wins.

At night, the werewolves will put their thumbs up so you can see who they are. If he does win, the Werewolves cannot win. For the roles below, "Werewolf" includes the Al- pha Wolf, Mystic Wolf, and Dream Wolf. They do not know that you are the minion. If there’s only one werewolf, look at one of the center cards. Sentinel . The Sentinel, when they wake up, places a Shield Token on any player's card but your own.

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