Together with our partners, we’re developing a patented modular concept which is designed specifically for factory manufacture, speed on installation and reduced on … Small modular reactors (SMRs) have been the talk of scientists and researchers in the nuclear industry for many years — but to what extent will their debut, expected next year, create challenges in spent fuel management? With near-zero prospects for new large power reactors in many countries, the nuclear industry is heavily promoting the idea of building small modular reactors (SMRs). The report A Call to Action – A Canadian Roadmap for Small Modular Reactors will be launched at Canada’s 1 st International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors on November 7, 2018, in Ottawa, Ontario. Additionally, the authors appreciate the input and guidance provided by other individuals 4 The Economics of Small Modular Reactors September 2017 The market needs SMRs According to the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) 2017 Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) reference case, U.S. new Small Modular Reactors Innovative small reactors can help meet clean energy goals and make electricity more accessible for all. These reactors would have a capacity of under 300 megawatts (MW), whereas large reactors typically have a … from Tim Beville, Program Manager, Small Modular Reactors Program at DOE, Tom O’Connor, Director, Office of Advanced Reactor Deployment at DOE, and Daniel Stout, Senior Manager, Small Modular Reactors at the Tennessee Valley Authority (“TVA”). The book is organized into three major parts with the first part focused on the role of energy, especially nuclear energy, for global development. Small modular reactors (SMRs) provide enhanced levels of safety, the ability to match electricity generation with demand and the ability … Small modular reactors are compact enough to be transported fully assembled, as this image from NuScale Power illustrates. The federal government thinks small modular reactors (SMR) that generate nuclear power will play a critical role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving Canada toward a low-carbon future. (Handout/NuScale) Small modular reactors are even smaller. Stakeholder Workshop Report: Application of the Graded Approach in Regulating Small Modular Reactors Information on the Joint CNSC-U.S. NRC Memorandum of Cooperation Nuclear reactors of varying sizes and power outputs are used in Canada for a range of applications, such as research, materials testing, medical uses and electrical power generation. Small Modular Reactors: Nuclear Power Fad or Future? It depends, say experts, on the particular SMR design and a country’s existing spent fuel management practices. Advanced small modular reactors offer advantages such as relatively small size, reduced capital investment, ability to be sited in locations not possible for larger nuclear plants, and provisions for incremental power additions. small reactors for non-power generation uses (e.g., isotope production, and research and development activities) In regulating SMRs, the CNSC can apply the same criteria used to regulate traditional reactor facilities, via a risk-informed approach by applying resources and regulatory oversight commensurate with the risk associated with the regulated … The Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (Niasa) has highlighted the advantages that small modular reactors (SMRs) offer to, and the potential they provide for, the country. Generally advanced nuclear technologies fall into one of 2 groups: Generation III water-cooled Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), similar to existing nuclear power station reactors but on a smaller scale In March 2019 BEIS released a 2016 report on microreactors that defined them as having a capacity up to 100 MWt/30 MWe, and projecting a global market for around 570 units of an average 5 … Lists benefits of small modular reactors, which offer the advantage of lower initial capital investment, scalability, and siting flexibility at locations unable to accommodate more traditional larger reactors. Small Modular Reactors (SMR) are a type of nuclear fission reactor, which are smaller than conventional nuclear reactors, used for power generation. reviews SMR features, promises, and problems, also discussing what lies ahead for reactors of this type. The Roadmap is an ongoing project with many recommendations to key enablers. Small modular reactors could be made in centralised manufacturing facilities and then transported anywhere, producing benefits of scale which would drive down costs.

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