Ingredients 1/4 cup butter ( room temperature ) 12 slices French bread slices (about 3/4- inch thick) 6 eggs 1 1/2 cups milk 4 tablespoons sugar (granulated) 2 tablespoons maple syrup (or golden cane syrup) 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla 1/2 teaspoon … It makes for the perfect holiday or weekend breakfast, and you’ll love that you can make it the night before serving! This was excellent! It turned out perfectly and is now my go-to french toast recipe. But with all of your attention dedicated to lazing about and reading the paper, the mere thought of breaking out pans and mixing up a soaking mixture might seem exhausting. I've been looking all over for a french toast casserole recipe that didn't require overnight soaking. Overnight French Toast Casserole has all the goodness of French toast and then some thanks to that sweet crumble topping! Ingredients 2 or 3 eggs (depending on how much bread you are using) 2 tbsp to 1/4 cup (2 oz) milk or half and half (for UK, half milk, half cream) vanilla, to your taste 5 to 6 slices of bread (any … Yay!

Whip up a batch of overnight French toast. Unlike some oven baked French toast recipes, this one does not require overnight soaking. The solution? Instead, the extra-thick servings with the zesty orange filling make this oven French toast …

It’s made with a rich, cinnamony custard-soaked sourdough bread and even the pickiest eaters will love it.

I have tried other oven-baked french toast recipes that ended in disappointment, but even my husband (who doesn't normally like french toast) enjoyed this one. French toast is the perfect breakfast for a lazy weekend morning. I didn't have any french or thick bread, so I used two left-over sesame seed hamburger buns (those yummy thick ones) and supplemented it with regular honey-wheat sandwich bread. I thought it was great!

The pieces absorbed almost all the liquid overnight and puffed up so nicely in the oven. You can rest assured this is no ordinary French toast.

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