This wiki is just starting off, please contribute and help it grow! Voiced by: Frank Welker as the Corporal and Kevin Michael Richardson (as Space Ranger). Sentient combat robots known as Dominators are attacking the five civilizations of the Coalition: the humans, the Maloqs, the Pelengs, the Faeyans, and the Gaalians. A series of top-down Wide Open Sandbox games released for Windows by Russian developer Elemental Games. For Space Rangers 2: Rise of the Dominators on the PC, GameFAQs has 32 cheat codes and secrets. The initial state is randomly determined, as is the number of switches allowed. The player becomes a ranger, selects a … (I am currently collecting graphical resources) Sk razor 20:32, December 9, 2011 (UTC)--(I got half of them now) Although each generated puzzle for this is solvable, you have to do so within a finite number of switches. Space Rangers 2 is a game of space exploration, where you are a pilot with the ultimate goal of defeating the unrelenting force of the Dominators. Space Rangers (Russian: Космические рейнджеры) is a multi-genre (turn-base strategy, text quest, arcade) computer game by the Russian company Elemental Games, released by 1C Company in 2002. He is a dark-skinned male human with curly, black hair and a square-shaped jaw. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Space Rangers 2. The item tier determines the effectiveness of the item. Re-released as Space Rangers 2: Reboot, which includes the base game and its Reboot expansion. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from OST Space Rangers 2. In Space Rangers, a powerful alien ship called "Makhpella" and its fleet of battleships known as the "Klissans" invade our region of the galaxy. Space Rangers HD: A War Apart > Guides > DC-GS's Guides. On Fandom, RangerWiki is an information repository about every Ranger to ever serve the side of good, and every villain to ever oppose them. This is the classic 15-box sliding puzzle. Not enough ratings Weapon List. You can always go to my talk page and leave a note or if you want to be more direct reach my at my skype which is identical to my wiki name. Listen to music from Space Rangers 2 like Starflight (EG, 2004, PC). It is a collaborative encyclopedic repository for everything related to Power Rangers and Super Sentai.. RangerWiki is undergoing serious repair. Plot: Space Rangers 2. In the shop you can also buy a hull, a container, inside which the other equipment is installed. A coalition of five allied races: Maloqs, Pelengs, Humans, Faeyans and Gaalians stakes on space rangers called up to root out dominators. It will be very helpful later on in the game. This wiki is a planned to be a helpful resource for the Space Rangers game series; (2002) Space Rangers (2005) Space Rangers 2

This guide lists all* … By DC-GS.

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