Our breed lives out in pasture with sunshine and lots of grass, acorns and roots. Red Wattle/Large Black Cross. Red Wattle pork is prized for its pink meat rich with flavor that are prized by top chefs everywhere. Red Wattle Pigs Bacon is now FOR SALE as a breeding Boar Hog. We offer pasture raised, Red Wattle pork directly to the general public (our valued and favorite customers!). Our pigs are fed high quality whey from the local award winning Rogue Creamery. Just as rare, Large Blacks are coveted for their large size (imagine that!) Red Wattles thrive on pasture, and the meat has been winning taste tests around the country. Like the Reds, the Blacks' natural foraging ability encourages responsible husbandry and top-quality meat. We are asking $350 for Bacon at this time. Cross the heavier Black with the leaner Red and you'll have some very nice bacon. I have to admit, Red Wattles make the very best bacon I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Bacon is the perienal best seller as far as Red Wattle pork goes. Berkshire pigs have wonderful marbled meat and are known for excellent Hams and Bacon. It is rich, red, and well-marbled — some of the best pork we’ve ever tasted. He is an excellent example of the Red Wattle breed. Both clover/grass finished Red Wattles as well as Hazelnut finished Red Wattles make eating breakfast a pleasure. Here’s what some others say about it: Connoisseurs describe Red Wattle meat as unusually flavorful and tender. We have individual USDA retail cuts that can be picked up directly at our farm, from our booth at several of our area farmer’s markets and occasional delivery to the Portland area.

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