Small stars, Red Dwarfs, burn slowly for tens to hundreds of billions of years.

Life cycle of a Star. Red Giant: Over the course of its life, a star is converting hydrogen into helium at its core.

the third stage in every stars life, the star is in it's middle age, around 6 billion years old. A nebula of gas and airborne dirt and mud starts off to condense by using it is very own gravity... Clumps start to convey jointly interior the cloud, and that they start to orbit suitable to the middle, which attracts the main gas and airborne dirt and mud. Stars like our Sun - yellow dwarfs - will last about 10 billion years. saying stars explode after they run out of hydrogen which would contradict the idea of new stars forming from hydrogen in the resultant gas cloud). This ball of gas emits huge amounts of radiation that has sustained life on Earth for millions of years, and it is categorized as a star.

How a star dies depends on it's mass. A star is formed from a nebula. Create a visual representation of a star's life cycle with an out-of-this-world STEAM activity! Massive stars might have more hydrogen, but they burn through it quicker than smaller ones to sustain their large size.

A nebula is also known as a stellar nursery. Don't miss this free science activity for astronomy! The largest stars have the shortest lives, and can last a few billion, and even just a few million years. The Life Cycle of a Star like the Sun A Star is Born! Before we move on to what happens to each type of star during its life, there is one crucial point we need to touch on.

Create a visual representation of the life cycle of a star with an out-of-this-world STEAM activity. Our star is relatively insignificant, as it is one of millions of stars in our galaxy, and our galaxy is only one of the billions of galaxies in the universe. Red giant The forth stage in a low mass star's life, after the star has used up all it's hydrogen, it starts to cool and expand in an effort to start fusing helium atoms. The larger the star, the shorter it's life.
90% opf a star's life is in this stage. ... Steps to Complete. Click "Read More" to see the directions.

The SUN The Sun is a great ball of gas held together by equal forces. Learn about the butterfly life cycle here at National Geographic Kids! A nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust and plasma. There is a direct relationship between the mass of a star and its longevity. Inside the sun is burning gases like hydrogen and helium. As you increase the mass of a star, it will burn through it's fuel faster. Even revision guides seem to be a bit vague on some points (e.g. PowerPoint animations explaining the life cycle of a star.

Find out about the each fascinating stage - the egg, caterpillar, pupa and butterfly! I did this originally to review my own knowledge of the processes involved.

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