Stream Super Street Fighter IV - Guile's Theme by Wipeout - Omega Collection from desktop or your mobile device ... Guile's Theme by Wipeout - Omega Collection published on 2011-08-25T21:11:48Z. SFIV's tracks are broad in general, with many mixing world themes with modern, electronic arrangements for its global stages. However, he does not make an appearance on this stage, as he is the boss of a different stage, the Industrial Area. Guile is a character from the Street Fighter series that was made specifically designed for Western Markets. Now an Ascended Meme! street fighter guile theme song (heavy version) mp3 duration:04:35 - size:6.45MB Play download Add to Playlist Guile's Theme Street Fighter II Guitar Cover mp3 duration: 03:25 - size: 4.8MB Street Fighter series Edit. Super Street Fighter IV OST Genre game ost Comment by Mango 973. what your here for. In 2010 an internet trend began highlighting Guile's kick-ass theme music. Wait, you mean he isn't? The Capcom-endorsed fangame Street Fighter X Mega Man has a special cheat code note that changes all the background themes in the game into Guile's theme. As of Ultra Street Fighter IV, Rolento's theme has reverted to his original boss theme. During the events of Street Fighter IV, Guile still believes it possible that Charlie may be alive, due to the fact that only Charlie's dog tags were found at the scene of the Shadaloo explosion, and demands that his superiors allow him to continue the search. Rolento's Street Fighter Alpha 2 theme is an arranged version of the Bay Area stage theme from Final Fight. Carrying Charlie's dog tags as a constant reminder of his fallen friend, Guile's only goal is to take down Shadaloo and everything associated with it. The theme tune for Guile, specifically the version from the CP System II release of Super Street Fighter II, is the subject of a mashup internet phenomenon named "Guile's Theme Goes With Everything", in which the music is perceived to synchronize with clips from … The number of videos count grew to some 5,000+ as of 2018.

The name of the file is actually "Goes … His commanding officer refuses, and Guile tenders his …

As a Street Fighter fan and Capcom aficionado, I am very happy that Capcom struck a deal with Sumthing Else to sell the Street Fighter IV OST -- and other more recent Capcom game soundtracks -- in digital and physical form. Guile fights the evil organization Shadaloo not only for world protection but for a personal vendetta against Shadaloo's leader, M. Bison, who murdered Guile's comrade and best friend Charlie Nash. Guile's theme (particularly the CPS II version from Super Street Fighter II) is so popular that it can be found on YouTube and several other media sources in videos that feature Guile's theme.The meme is appropriately titled "Guile's Theme goes with everything". Street Fighter 2 has some of the most iconic, ... We'd also advise you check out Shimomura's thoughts on while Guile's theme became so popular if you'd like to see more on the talented musician. Hell, when the game released, people from the US who were polled believed that he was the main character in the game.

For Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Character themes".  thus Guile's Theme is proof there is a god.

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