Thing is, I've heard it's going out of print, or already is. "The Union," equipped with alien technology from the Roswell crash face off against the Nazis Reich armed with the power of the occult. You might start jonesing for a game, and not be able to round up a game group for some Risk 2210. Each side fields 5 soldiers: 3 named characters and 2 weaker Troopers.

Fans of the action-packed tactical board game will find favorite characters brought vividly to life, and newcomers will be drawn into a war-torn world where science and the supernatural clash to determine the fate of humanity. Rising Sun, Falling Shadows is a gripping novel based in the war-torn alternate history of Tannhäuser.

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Dice Tower Awards 2007.

Zooloretto. New Star Wars: Legion, Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror LCG, and More. Join our community! I've learned recently about this game called Tannhauser.

Many of the traditional board games have moved with the times to try to stay relevant and interesting. I tend to have fun looking at numbers and trends, so I decided to make a graph of the data I saw. 0 Tannhäuser Single Miniature Packs for Sale - German national shipping only, sorry. Race for the Galaxy. 2007 Best Game of the Year. Simply enter the title of a game and the Shopper will do the rest—handy for comparing prices, or tracking down those obscure, hard to find games.

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), but I like fantasy games, and Tannhauser seems to have lots of fantasy stuff in it that has grabbed my notice.

The Army of the Union vs. the Reich's Obscura Korps in the Great War, circa 1949!

Tannhäuser's core set was originally released in December 2006 in France by Take on You. My friend and I run a website called Board Game Atlas and Board Game Prices and I was curious about trends among board game buyers during the holiday season that just passed by (November to end of December 2019 for Thanksgiving and Christmas)..

The game was first released in late 2006 by Take On You.

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