He trained with Master Bra'tac, who was once called the greatest warrior of his kind, and studied Vorash: Shot in the back with a staff weapon and captured by Apophis, who healed him in a sarcophagus but brainwashed him into thinking he was still Teal'c's god (4.22 "Exodus Part 1", 5.01 "Enemies Part 2"). The change seemed so subtle I didn't notice when it first happened. I am not going to degrade the Staff, it has it Christopher Judge revealed this in the livestream for "Windows of Opportunity" on Stargate Command youtube So I've been watching SG1, and by season 8 I believe it was, I beganto notice Teal'c was no longer using his staff. Teal'c was trained as a Jaffa and so he preferred the staff early on, as he trained and spent more time with his fellow Tauri he moved on to what I think is a more versatile weapon the P90.

TIL: Teal'c got hair and began using Tau'ri guns because Christopher Judge wanted hair and hated using the staff weapon.

Round 3: The phaser is a vastly more accurate weapon than a staff weapon or a zat, and while Teal'c might be able to shrug off a stun if he's packing Junior, Worf will still put him down 9/10 unless he gets lucky on the first shot.

Teal'c's weapon of choice is his staff weapon, or the zat'nik'tel, though he is also adept with low-tech weapons like the Tau'ri P-90. If you give Teal'c a properly weighted staff, it shifts back into his favor 8/10.

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