The fisherman tricks the Ifrit and fools him into the jar again. “The Fisherman and the Jinnee”, from The Thousand and One Nights Background Once upon a time there was a poor fisherman who had a wife and three children to support.

This story offers its readers and listeners the lesson that even an average person of humble means can outsmart the most powerful of beings with just a bit of clear thinking. Duban is a sage (a wise man) who is truly remarkable in many disciplines. The story of the fisherman has some elements in common with the story of the merchant: an angry genie is threatening to kill him! "The Fisherman and the Jinni" is the second top-level story told by Sheherazade in the One Thousand and One Nights. The Fisherman and the Genie is a tale from The Arabian Nights.This tale tells of a humble fisherman meeting a vengeful and bitter genie, a different type of genie than the one we are used to in tales such as Aladdin.These South Asian and Middle Eastern folk tales, compiled during the Islamic Golden Age, were anthologised over hundreds of years by storytellers across Asia and North Africa.

The story of "The Three Apples" is a first-level story, meaning it is being told directly from Scheherazade to Shahrayar. Interestingly, Ja'far tells this story in order to save his slave, much as Scheherazade is telling her stories in order to save her own life (and those … A fisherman throws out his net and catches a jar. Though the genie is manipulative and sinister, the fisherman's ability to respond to the genie's threat in the right wat is quite inspiring. He went every day to fish very early, and each day he made a rule not to throw his nets more than four times.
The Ifrit promises him riches and the fisherman lets him go. One day he went to the shore and cast his net. 1,001 Nights, also known as The Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Nights, is a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folk tales that were originally published together during the Islamic Golden Age.
Nights 3–9 : The Story of the Fisherman : THERE was a certain fisherman, advanced in age, who had a wife and three children; and though he was in indigent circumstances, it was his custom to cast his net, every day, no more than four times.

When he tried to pull it up, he found it to be heavy. Then he cast his net again and netted a pitcher full of dirt. The Arabian Nights is a collection of tales from the Islamic Golden Age, compiled by various authors over many hundreds of years.. The Arabian Nights: One Thousand and One Nights Questions and Answers.

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