Vasco Trancoso collection and photo. Tremolite - Ca 2 (Mg,Fe 2+) 5 [Si 8 O 22](OH,F) 2 Named in 1789 by Johann Georg Albrecht Höpfner for the Tremola Valley (Val Tremola), Central St Gotthard Massif, Tessin, Switzerland.
Acicular tremolite in quartzite. Tremolite in Thin Section Thin Section GigaPans. Tremolite #1 thin section (hFOV 2mm) GET 360° LIVE INTERACTION. Tremolite. Crystal size: 2.8 x 1.3 x 0.5 cm Gem green terminated Tremolite crystal from the Tanzanite mines, from a new find with the best chrome green color. Tremolite. Tremolite and Actinolite are two very similar minerals that form a series with each other and essentially share the same chemical formula. Plane-polarised light, width of view 2.5 mm. Tremolite PPL properties. Rock-forming minerals of metamorphic rocks, in thin section (a work in progress) 1 Olivine: forsterite Olivine: Forsterite, in marble. 2 Olivine: forsterite Olivine: Forsterite, in marble.
Relief: Moderate positive Habit/Form: Commonly as columnar, bladed, or acicular crystals elongate parallel to the c axis. Tremolite, PPL Tremolite, XPL

Sometimes fibrous or asbestiform. Tremolite is also common in many metamorphosed mafic and ultramafic rocks such as amphibolites and metabasalts although actinolite and other iron-rich amphiboles usually dominate there. Tremolite in talc-tremolite schist, plane polars.

Longitudinal sections (parallel to the c axis) are roughly rectangular … Polars crossed, width of view 2.5 mm. Tremolite and Actinolite are two very similar minerals that form a series with each other and essentially share the same chemical formula. Actinolite is most common in contact and regionally metamorphosed calcareous sediments. Tremolite has a greater presence of magnesium over iron, whereas Actinolite has a greater presence of iron over magnesium. 3 Zircon Zircon, with distinct core and rim zones, in aluminous granulite. Atlas of Metamorphic Minerals. 19 - Minerals in Thin Section-University of North Carolina 20 - Minerals in Thin Sections-Humboldt State 21 - Online Mineral Museum 22 - QUT Mineral Atlas 23 - Ruff.Info 24 - Scandinavian mineral gallery 25 - WWW-MINCRYST 26 - YupRocks. Tremolite in talc-tremolite schist, crossed polars. Featured in Min Record September/October 2009 issue. Fibrous (asbestiform) tremolite veins are common in many metamorphic rock types, especially where they are carbonate-bearing. Tremolite in Hand Sample. Scanning electron micrograph of tremolite. Basal sections are diamond shaped and show the typical amphibole cleavage. Search for Tremolite using:

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