This thread is archived. Unlike Tropico 3, Tropico 4s missions follow a linear storyline in which a newly elected president (you) rises to power. Like planting trees, gardens, and fountains, the City Park raises the surrounding level of beauty, but to a much higher degree than mere decorations. Close. Watch your polution levels closely. 6. Good ministers will trigger bonuses for you. The missions place you in charge of different islands, each with its own scenario and goals to accomplish. When you hire ministers make sure they are talented or they might trigger negative events. 4. There is a ton of complaints about the viability of tourism as the sole industry on an island, with people only earning around 30k per year. Archived. I see a lot of things on the Internet for like economy and everything, but are there are guides for free mode to just make the most beautiful cities possible? Tropico 4 is a video game that combines city management and political manipulation. Like the first and third games in the series, it centers on a customizable main character titled "El Presidente" – the ruler who runs the island banana republic. 100% Upvoted.

1 comment. 7. The City Park is a landmark building in Modern Times (Tropico 4). I explain how it is not only viable, but can be incredibly strong with proper planning, giving you more money than you know what to do with within 15 years. save hide report. Tropico 4 beauty guide? Always fire them if they do. 4 years ago. I believe that for a 4x4 grid, one 4-square garden and four 1-square gardens will have the same effect. Posted by. Unfortunately, the park requires a monthly fee to keep it looking beautiful. 5. Remember to build some beauty in the … Be sure to use water treatment plants to reduce it. 3pts x (4 x 1sq) = 12 Tropico 4 beauty guide? For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Missions. The Mac OS X version of the game (Tropico 4: Gold Edition, which includes the … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. u/rgpnac. A Few Final Tropico 4 Tips. share. Tropico 4 features 20 missions in the main campaign and an additional mission in each DLC pack.

This guide will show you how to actually make tourism work in Tropico 4. Major intersection corners (4 corner cross streets) should only have 3 buildings + 1 garden. Keep watch for managers with +beauty skills and place them strategiclly. best. Say each square of garden grants +3 beauty (this is an arbitrary number for the pruposes of this example): 3pts x (1 x 4sq) = 12. Check your Almanac frequently it has all the information you need to plan the right strategy and decide on priorities. Your workers will see beauty every day on their way into work. Get your high school up and running early and buy in staff for it. The game was developed by Haemimont Games and published by Kalypso Media. best top … Sort by.

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