Summary The Orientation. As Mitch pulls up to Morrie's house in his rental car, he is on the phone with his producer. Morrie had been saddened by the sight of her, and began sitting on the floor beside her, a lthough he was not supposed to interact on such an intimate level with the patients. An hour later, Morrie crawled back out through the window with a list of what the protesters wanted. Mitch returns to spend a second Tuesday with Morrie, and this time decides not to buy a cell phone during the trip so that his colleagues cannot disturb his meaningful time with his old professor. Morrie's younger brother who, after their mother's death, is sent with Morrie to a small hotel in the woods of Connecticut. Summary The Fifth Tuesday: We Talk about Family.

He took the list to the university president, and the situation was diffused. Morrie decides that he wants to be cremated and discusses his funeral plans with Charlotte and Al Axelrad, a rabbi from Brandeis and a long-time friend of Morrie's. Morrie explains that his love r elationships sustain his high spirits. Morrie can no longer eat any of the food Mitch brings him, as he is restricted to a diet of liquids. Tuesdays with Morrie quiz that tests what you know about [Author], and the historical events that influenced Tuesdays with Morrie. It is September, back to school week, and for the first time in thirty-five years, Morrie is not returning to teach. And it might have gone on even longer if Morrie hadn’t been walking by the building when one of the protesters recognized him as a favorite teacher and yelled for him to come in through the window. His condition is drastically worse, as the disease has reached his lungs, which he had always said would mark his death. In fact, Morrie reveals almost nothing specific about his marriage, though he makes clear that a strong one is a blessing. Although his paralysis has nothing to do with their night in the rain, Morrie and blames himself for David's paralysis. So Morrie shows both his respect for and his understanding of Charlotte when he recognizes what she would not want to share and then holds such a story back. The men laugh, and Mitch notices the pink hibiscus plant on Morrie's window sill. There, he develops polio, seemingly just after he and Morrie have spent a night frolicking outside in the rain. Morrie sits in a wheelchair on his front lawn waving at Mitch, though Mitch slinks down in the seat of his car and finishes the conversation with his producer before he … Morrie's friendship with Koppel can be attributed to Morrie's sheer honesty; from their very first meeting, Morrie refuses to put on airs, or even dress differently for Koppel's visit, although his friends and family are bent on impressing him. Summary The Eight Tuesday: We Talk about Money . Ted Koppel interviews Morrie for a second time.

Summary The Audiovisual, Part Two. Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. Morrie loves to share his stories and his emotions, especially if he thinks they will help others. In Tuesdays With Morrie, Mitch recalls how the political controversies of the 1970's affected his and Morrie's years at Brandeis University.

Now, Morrie must breathe … Mitch notes that Morrie's clothes are progressively looser-fitting, as he is rapidly losing muscle and body mass. Following the nation's withdrawal from the Vietnam War in 1973, and former President Nixon's resignation from office in 1974, the Brandeis campus, like many college campuses nation-wide, was a hot bed for political debate and protest. Summary The Tenth Tuesday: We Talk about Marriage . Morrie eventually coaxed the woman to sit up and return to her room, as all she truly wanted …

Summary The Thirteenth Tuesday: We Talk about the Perfect Day. The union at the newspaper he works for in Detroit continues to strike, and he is therefore without a job. Mitch shows Morrie a quote by billionaire Ted Turner that he has found in the newspaper which reads, "I don't want my tombstone to read, 'I never owned a network.'" Tuesdays with Morrie is a memoir by Mitch Albom that was first published in 1997. Summary The Second Tuesday: We Talk about Feeling Sorry for Yourself . Koppel comments that Morrie "looks fine," and Morrie replies that only he can know the deterioration that is taking place daily, which is evident in his garbled speaking.

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