Deitra Reiser. Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) strengthens the voice of women worldwide and empowers them to create caring communities, nurture congregations, cultivate personal and spiritual growth, and advocate for and promote progressive Jewish values. Reform Judaism – living Judaism – is rooted in nearly four millennia of Jewish learning whilst actively engaged with modern life and thought. Who We Are. News.

More. Jewish ethics is the moral philosophy of the Jewish religion or the Jewish people. Note: When a value is a traditional Jewish one, the Hebrew name for it is used. Visit Ethics and Values.). In 1972, the Reform movement became the first Jewish movement to ordain women as rabbis.  Judaism incorporates a range of different beliefs, ideas and values that are known to be god's word of guidance to life or more commonly, "the way of life". A Jewish Values Matrix for Dealing with a Time of Illness As we struggle to consider all our options in this ever-changing environment, we strive to make decisions using a values-based matrix that will help us to act in a consistent manner that is in line with Jewish tradition and modern sensibility. … In the portion called, Emor, a significant redundancy occurs in the Hebrew text. We create and support contemporary resources embodying values of Prophetic Judaism, which move us to work for a better world for all people. While some Reform Jews clearly believe in some form of afterlife, others believe that life ends upon death. What's New On WHO WE ARE. Jewish Values & Reform Movement Positions. Home » Yom Chagigah – 28th June 2020. Reform Judaism is the most liberal expression of modern Judaism. (Interested in more on ethics and values? The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright spotlight on the deep structural racism in the United States. Search Submit. inspires Reform values in young people through our youth movement and student initiatives; celebrates communities’ achievements, sharing innovative ideas and best practice . Although the Reform movement, which is currently the fastest-growing group in American Jewry, continues to innovate, it has also started to embrace more traditional practices, as reflected in the 1999 revision of the basic principles of Reform Judaism. This article is excerpted from The Guide to Jewish Practice, Volume 1.The full Guide may be ordered from the Reconstructionist Press.. Print. Reform Judaism in 1000 Words; Manna – The Forum for Progressive Judaism digital edition; Re-Imagining Leadership Initiative: Money for Values- Rethinking Synagogues’ Finance; Contact. We, as Jews, believe that God endowed humanity with the understanding and ability to become partners with God in making a better world.

6/04/2020.  Judaism incorporates a range of different beliefs, ideas and values that are known to be god's word of guidance to life or more commonly, "the way of life". Our Core Values.

Visit Ethics and Values.). A type of normative ethics, Jewish ethics may involve issues in Jewish law as well as non-legal issues, and may involve the convergence of Judaism and the Western philosophical tradition of ethics. Recently, the Union for Reform Judaism has launched a movement-wide campaign on racial justice. Judaism and its laws, customs and beliefs can all be incorporated under 3 basic Values: 1. This means both an uncompromising assertion of eternal truths and values and an open, positive attitude to new insights and changing circumstances. A liberal strand of Judaism, it is characterized by a lessened stress on ritual and personal observance, regarding Jewish Law as non-binding and the individual Jew as autonomous, and a great openness to external influences and progressive values. (Interested in more on ethics and values? Jewish Values. Take a knee in protest and offer this blessing with the hopes of truly bringing a sense of peace and wholeness at a time when it is so deeply needed. Jewish Values. When the Holy Act of Kneeling Becomes a Weapon . 9 things to know about Reform Jews ... a Reform conversion must make a public declaration of commitment to the Jewish people, living life as a Jew and Jewish values… For You. Jewish ethical literature Biblical and rabbinic ethical literature. They are often thought to be given many duties from God which include the essentials of life based on the Torah.

Our tradition teaches us that human life is of infinite value and that the preservation of life supersedes almost all other considerations. Perfect for students of all ages, middot can be studied individually, with a study partner, and by families. We educate and enlighten current and future generations about the roots of American Reform Judaism. Read more. When the Holy Act of Kneeling Becomes a Weapon. Reform Judaism is a leading voice in the discussion of Jewish life. Take a knee to show your vulnerability.

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