Reviews: 1. Follow 305. Pre 52 versions of the characters. Deathstroke hands down. Forum Posts. 0. Forum Posts.

Wiki Points. The battle didn't last long, and by the end, Deathstroke had impaled Phantom Lady through the chest, calling his action "just business". 0.

User Lists: 23 #1 StormShadow_X. Slade impersonating Batman. Nightwing(Rebirth) Vs Deathstroke(Rebirth) 98 results; 1; 2; RedHoodHunts.
User Lists: 0 #51 RedHoodHunts.

Deathstroke analyzes his target repeatedly throughout a fight, always looking for openings and weaknesses.
CW Deathstroke should take Round 2 however, his draw speed exceeds Titans Slade's and he's also a lot more well Armored, his suit is completely bulletproof.

Nightwing vs Deathstroke # Deathstroke I do but my question is do you read dc experienced and more proffesional fighter nope Batman knows every fighting style strength don't matters because Batman beated charachters stronger then him and Guns are uselles Batman can Dodge them easily and his suit is … 0. Nightwing isn't nearly as strong as he thinks he is or as fast. He was the employer of an undercover Dick Grayson, whom he hired to train his daughter Rose.

But those are the wrong questions.

Afin de sauver une jeune fille possédée par un esprit sombre, il rassemble autour de lui une équipe de jeunes super-héros : les Teen Titans. Wiki Points. Nightwing et son équipe VS. Deathstroke. Dick Grayson, l’ancien protégé de Batman désormais connu sous le nom Nightwing, a quitté Gotham City.

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Fans should be wondering why Deathstroke is in The Batman at all and not in Nightwing instead.. Follow 18379. Followers. He's cocky and somewhat self-absorbed. Nightwing Vs. Deathstroke (H2h) StormShadow_X. Reviews: 0. 767. Followers. Deathstroke vs Nightwing.

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