If you haven’t seen Season 3, don’t read these. Wynonna Earp. In Season 3 Episode 1, after the visiting vampires massacred all the people at Pussy Willow's, Nicole was visibly upset — like, more upset than her other friends who had also witnessed the carnage. Purgatory 43m. Just questions for Season 4 of Wynonna Earp. We do think Wynonna Earp does need a couple more villains with the charisma and the fire of its leads; beyond that, though, it’s still easy to love season 2 of the show in between the witty writing and its unique weekly brand of crazy. Will she remain faithful, waiting for Waverly to return? Showrunner Emily Andras and stars Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Katherine Barrell reveal what fans can expect when Wynonna Earp returns for Season 4 in 2020. How's Nicole gonna cope with Waverly being pulled into the Garden?

It’s Alpha Nicole and Beta Waverly. Also, that ending suggests that there’s a big-time reason to be worried about what’s coming. If she does say yes, will there be a wedding Next Season? Questions for Season 4 by Roamingman Hello everyone!

Nicole is a bit of an ass in the beginning, but more so from her past experience with Shay having cheated on her. On her ... Wynonna forms an attack on Bulshar as Nicole evacuates Purgatory. Wynonna Earp Season 4 Release Date. 12.

What's gonna happen with WayHaught in Season 4?

Waverly is spooked by a loved one's resurrection.

1. (The first part of the series was complete, and the author just started a second part a couple months ago). And suddenly, her vision blurs, and when it refocuses, she isn’t looking at Waverly anymore.

This is not a fanfic.

Because of the production delay, Wynonna Earp Season 4 isn’t slated to premiere until Summer 2020. All she can see is something big, and dark, and so clearly pure evil that it sends ice cold shivers through Nicole’s body. Final Verdict. Nicole didn't get the chance to say yes to Waverly's proposal, so will she say it when Waverly returns? The outcast descendant of lawman Wyatt Earp teams up with an immortal Doc Holliday to rid the world of demonic revenants from the Wild West. Episode Grade: A-. Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught; Nicole Haught; supernatural!Nic; Canon Divergent; Summary. Release year: 2016. Waverly isn’t Waverly anymore.

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