Tame, Tame, Tame as the wild ones Who shout, out, out from the rooftops and small towns, We swoon and we sway, We make our way home, Oh, this love it won't leave me alone. When we start to boppin', I sure can't stop I'm a wild one Ooh, yeah, I'm a wild one I'm gonna keep a-shakin' I'm gonna keep a-movin', baby Don't you cramp my style, I'm a real wild child I'm a real wild child I'm a real wild child I'm a real wild child Watch out! I'm a red hot fox, I can take the knocks And debts dissolve And it's a shame the plane is leaving on this sunny day 'cause on you my tattoo will be bleeding and the name will stain The 2 Of Us. Heroine. We're setting fire to our insides for fun. Modern Boys. Tame, Tame, Tame as the wild ones Still Life.

And if you're still bleeding, you're the lucky ones. I'm the wild one, yes, I'm the wild one. Everybody get a little lovin' A little touchin' A little kissin' and a huggin' Do a little lovin' A little touchin' A little kissin' and a huggin' Cause we don't need … We are the reckless, We are the wild youth Chasing visions of our futures One day we'll reveal the truth That one will die before he gets there. We wake up to the sun burning while we're young Set fire to our lungs 'til what's left is none We're the wild ones We grew up Were we straight right now? Black Or Blue. The Asphalt World. Modern Boys. This Hollywood Life. Lyrics to 'Wild Ones' by Flo Rida: Hey I heard you were a wild one, oooh If I took you home and be your home run Show me how you'll do I want to shut down the club with you Hey I heard you like the wild ones… New Generation. we feel the love, we feel the love, we feel the love

Suede lyrics - 177 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Beautiful Ones", "Saturday ... We Are The Pigs. I'm a blue eyed bitch and I wanna get rich Get out of my way 'cause I'm here to stay I'm the wild one, yes, I'm the wild one. Lava feels cool by the night time air Pleasantly smoking by dawn. Daddy's Speeding. ‘Cause we are the wild ones but we are not strong at all ‘Cause we are the wild ones but we know we can’t swim on our own. The Power. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews. Features Song Lyrics for NINA's We Are The Wild Ones album. The Wild Ones.

Oh oh oh… not strong at all Oh oh oh… In our life we took our time and you know what? We'll shine like the morning and sin in the sun Oh if you stay We'll be the wild ones running with the dogs today There's a song playing through another wall All we see and believe is the D. J. Tonight we're just worried about having fun Cause we're the wild ones, yeah You know that we're the wild ones. Lyrics to 'Wild Ones' by Bahari: We laugh until we cry, to ourselves we lie Dance in the moonlight, are you satisfied? We'll fight fire with fire, Oh, we'll struggle until it feels good. Well, it ain't no use, turn me loose More, more, I can't keep score, yeah Well, it ain't no use, turn me loose More, more, I can't keep score. single: "The Wild Ones" (1994) The Wild Ones. 'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.

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