How might this lesson help her to deal with Miss Caroline in the future? Another big lesson comes with Mrs. Dubose. He does this when he asks Scout to consider the stress her teacher, Miss.
Scout agrees and Atticus reads to her and Jem from the papers. This is the greatest example Atticus provides of how one should live life. What important lesson does Atticus teach Scout about understanding people?How might this lesson help her? This is why it is a sin. Atticus teaches his children to live in someone else's skin before they judge them. Scout has been asking Atticus if she can stop going to school, because Miss Caroline is upset about her reading at home.

What important lesson does Atticus teach Scout about understanding people? One of the most important lessons Atticus gives Scout is to protect and emulate the mockingbird. Atticus Finch was an extremely well-educated man, which plays a... To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis. Atticus sees what most people do not in Mrs. Dubose. Subjects You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. When Scout asks Miss Maudie for clarification, she tells Scout that this is because the mockingbird causes no harm, but only creates beautiful music. Lesson Taught By Atticus Finch Essay Importance Of Jem And Scout In To Kill A Mockingbird. Caroline, is under. Atticus teaches Scout and Jem that it is important to get along with your social group, even if you are in disagreement with them. Atticus teaches Scout about compromise: if she goes to school, Atticus will let her keep reading with him at home.

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