While playing piano she also played violin, and did voice, instrumentation, score reading, counterpoint and composition. Child prodigy Picture: Getty Images Starting young, she was a child prodigy. Clara was able to write a few nice pieces and also preform them for many people. She distinguished herself as the foremost interpreter of her husband Robert’s work, but she was also a primary force in reintroducing eighteenth-century keyboard music to the public. Schumann, Robert; Schumann, Clara Robert Schumann and Clara Schumann at the piano. Mendelssohn's suggestions to Schumann after this performance led the composer to make revisions to the inner movements, including the addition of a second trio to the third movement.

She lived during a time when female musicians of her caliber were extremely rare to find and despite being one of the few women in a male-dominated field, she enjoyed a productive career that spanned six … There are others. Clara Schumann was the Beyoncé of her day. Four years later, in 1844 , Schumann experienced a severe breakdown and the couple moved to Dresden at the recommendation of his doctors. Search. To celebrate the legacy of this great virtuoso and composer, St John's Smith Square in London is presenting a special festival dedicated to …

During his lifetime, Schumann brought about a change in the general world of music, helping to champion the rights of young and upcoming musicians. Clara Josephine Wieck Schumann was a German musician, one of the leading pianists of the Romantic era, as well as a composer, and wife of composer Robert Schumann.

Related Questions. Clara Schumann did play the piano part at the first public performance of the piano quintet on 8 January 1843, at the Leipzig Gewandhaus.

In 1838 she was honoured by the Austrian court and also was elected to the Clara Schumann played piano; she was the first to play some of .

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On June 8th, 1841, she presents her song to to him, Liebst du um Schönheit, with words by Friedrich Rückert.

Below is a violin which is one of the instruments that Clara played. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Unfortunately, her own compositions remained unknown until the … Start studying Robert Schumann. Clara Josephine Wieck Schumann: Short Biography and Quick Facts (Summarized from New Grove and others) -Clara was born in Leipzig on September 13, 1819; died in Frankfurt on May 20, 1896. Wiki User 2011-03-22 01:37:28.

This website tells about Clara's life, the Era she was in and her musical talents that she had. For Robert's 31st birthday, Clara writes music to a poem that had always shown how she felt for him.

Clara Schumann (1819-1896) In an era when women, apart from singers, almost never performed in public or composed, Clara Schumann did both. What instruments did Clara schumann play? In 1853, the Schumanns moved to Düsseldorf, and Clara had a very productive summer, producing several significant works, including her Op. Clara Schumann’s work has often been marginalised through claims that works published under her name were written almost entirely by her husband. Clara and Schumann wed on September 12, 1840, one day before her twenty-first birthday and settled in Leipzig. There are also instruments such as the piano that play in both treble and bass. The Romantic Era was an era that had no rules. Clara Schumann, born Clara Wieck, is considered one of the most talented and distinguished composer–pianists of the Romantic era. -Robert Schumann was born in Zwickau on June 8, 1810; died in the asylum at … Her pieces were in fact more popular with the public than his were. Three of the instruments that play in the treble range are trumpet, flute, and violin. While playing piano she also played violin, and did voice, instrumentation, score reading, counterpoint and composition. Clara did not write much in the early years of her marriage, though she did complete the Six Lieder, Op. 13 (1842-1843), and some piano pieces, including the Three Preludes and Fugue (1845).

She played a few concerts but also had a few children. Clara was taught to play the piano by her dad. Due to an injury to his hand, he didn't play any instrument. Clara Schumann composed a good deal of music for her own concerts, including solo piano pieces, pieces for piano and string instruments, and pieces for piano and orchestra.

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