Composite image using optical images from the HST and X-ray data from the Chandra X-ray Observatory. The first major event in Jupiter's timeline will be when the sun becomes a red giant. A red giant is when a star becomes very large. The sun gets hotter over time so in about 600 to 700 million years the conditions on the planet won’t allow for photosynthesis and all the oceans will have boiled away a little while later. The Sun, and any red dwarfs above about 0.25 solar masses, will expand into what's called a red giant, a late stage of stellar evolution.

8 billion years from now, when the Sun becomes Red Giant, the habitable zone will move to Jupiter and/ or Saturn or even to the space between them. “When the sun becomes a red giant, the temperatures on Pluto’s surface will be about the same as the average temperatures on Earth’s surface now,” Stern says. The expanding sun will engulf the Earth just before it reaches the tip of the red giant phase, and the sun would still have another 0.25 AU and 500,000 years to grow. What will happen to Jupiter and the other gas Giants when the Sun becomes a Red Giant? the Cat's Eye nebula that was formed by the death of a star with about the same mass as the Sun ~ $1\ M_\odot $:. When the sun starts to die, it will get bigger and slightly colder, turning into what astronomers call a “red giant.” It will get so big that it will eat Mercury, Venus, and even Earth. A red giant is a star that has exhausted the supply of hydrogen in its core and has begun thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen in a shell surrounding the core. A super red giant is when a star becomes very extremely large. Nothing much. This could happen if solar winds carry away a significant fraction of the sun's mass in the years leading up to the red giant phase. The icy planets that are farthest away from the sun will for the first time feel the heat from the red giant that was the sun. In research published in the journal Astrobiology in 2003, he looked at the prospects of life in the outer solar system after the sun enters its red giant phase. During the red giant phase, the habitable zone will likely be somewhere around jupiter or saturn. Its outer layers will expand until they engulf much of the solar system, as it becomes what astronomers call a red giant. Their orbits are outside of the radius of the sun . The immense growth expected in the Sun when it becomes a red giant will cause its radius to swell from roughly 1 AU to perhaps 2 AU or so. Then we’ll be part of the sun. The sun gets hotter over time so in about 600 to 700 million years the conditions on the planet won’t allow for photosynthesis and all the oceans will have boiled away a little while later.

The smallest known red dwarf is about 80 times more massive than Jupiter.

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