When Greirat loots the Undead Settlement, he gets access to Pontiff gear to sell. Greirat of the Undead Settlement can initially be found in a locked cell below the ‘Tower on the Wall’ Bonfire. I been reading the wiki and it says that I need to give the Catarina set back at the well in the cathedral and not tell patches about Greirat location. However, it is extremely difficult that he comes back later life from them. He does sell some fantastic items for every type of player, but the type of wares he sells does not match when he gets them. 1. If you let him go hunting, he will leave Cleansing Chapel.

There’s a chance he could die during this one. Dark Souls 3 Guide: Siegward of Catarina Questline Walkthrough.

NOTE: patches will only save him if you didnt buy the onion armor. One of these two has to save Greirat or he will not return from the area. He may sell a powerful item like the Lothric Knight Greatshield later, but he gets them after looting Irithyll.

2. (if he is already in irithyll dungeon greirat will die). One of these two has to save Greirat or he will not return from the area. Greirat srvives if: 1. Greirat the thief is a new NPC you can interact with in Dark Souls III. i found siegward making estus soup and did all his dialogue there, but greirat still died. Finally, when you reach Lothric Castle, if you speak to Greirat he will ask to leave once again. The Daily Goat Show 226,404 views r/darksouls3: A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 3. You can find him here also send several Plündertouren where he returns with new products on promotion. He will say something about greirat. Greirat my Greirat will return after killing Deacons of the Deep, and will offer some more items. Find Siegward’s armour and get him out of that well.Dark Souls 3: Siegward of CatarinaThe “onion knights” of Catarina return in Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 3 - How to Find: Greirat's Ashes in the Grand Archives (Lothric Castle) - Duration: 3:14. So I'm not sure about this but if you haven't gone to the Dungeon yet and Siegward is still in the kitchen try sending Greirat pillage Irithyll and he should live. I'm not quite sure how to trigger his safe return from the second scavenge quest. Send Greirat on his second outing - Before killing Pontiff Sulyvahn, after Greirat has returned from his first outing, which is giving Greirat Loretta's bone.

Talk to him at the Firelink Shrine and agree to his journey. To save him, you need to have Siegward in Irithyll, in the kitchen. OR 2. To unlock this, we’ll first need to go and find the Cell Key . In … The reason why Greirat dies if you reach Irithyll Dungeon is because as soon as you enter the area Siegward warps to his cell in the Profaned Capital. The Dark Souls 3 NPC, Greirat the Thief, ... you can also speak with him to keep Greirat safe in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley area. Lighting up the bonfire means sending Greirat out on search. Patches will not rescue Greirat - even if you send Greirat on his second outing after the Yorm the Giant boss fight, and Siegward has died. after beating the irithyll boss, greirat was still missing from firelink, and i found his ashes under onion's soup area.

Greirat is an NPC in Dark Souls 3 and you can find him in the Undead Settlement Area. 2. On failure, Greirat's corpse and ashes will be in the sewer area underneath the kitchen Irythll.

This quest line has to be done in time with the main storyline. Greirat from the undead settlement is a trader who was raised in the course of Dark Souls 3 in your services. Get Siegward in Place - Siegward must be in Irithyll by the fireplace, After you have given him his armor nearby the Cleansing Chapel bonfire in the well. i can't figure out why. I started too late like you (I'm assuming), so after you kill the next boss and he returns, you will have no choice but to send him back out …

To do this, simply advance his quest until that point, but do not talk to him once you see him in the kitchen. After sending him to irithyll talk to patches. Greirat can also sell you some items. Irithyll of the Boreal Valley – After clearing the bridge of the Irithyll Great Beast and lighting the ‘Central Irithyll’ Bonfire, return to Firelink Shrine and speak with him again. Do NOT kill Alva the Spurned, who invades when embered - just before the Irithyll Dungeon Bonfire.

Either that or talk to Patches after Greirat leaves so he can save him.

He returns once you defeat Aldritch.

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