Find out when to use them in this Bitesize KS1 English guide and have a go at the activity.

It can also be used as an infinitive verb: I don’t have any plans for the weekend, I want TO take a rest. Also We put "also" immediately in front of a verb unless the verb is "to be": My mother cleaned the rooms and also washed the windows.

"Too", "as well", and "also" have similar meanings, but they are used in different positions in a sentence. 1.

As well and too usually go at the end of the sentence. We use "too", "also" and "as well" to give more information about someone or something. Learn the meanings for "too".

I had too much work to do yesterday.

Re: use of 'also' in a sentence thanks, but can we swipe 'also' with 'too'. / I'm from North Dakota, too. July 2, 2014 - The words also, as well and too have very similar meanings, but they go in different positions. The word "too'' can mean ''in excess'' and can mean "also," or ''as well'' or ''along with'' or ''in addition to something.''

The place that "also" takes in a sentence decides what the sentence would mean: to further explain, even if words in a sentence do not change, it is the particular place which "also" occupies in the sentence that the meaning of the sentence gets changed. Too.

Another special sentence structure with too: Like in your own sentence you wrote "Of course, context will do that too".

Reading the examples, you can notice that 'too' is used with nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. So, Too, Neither and Either 'So do I' and 'neither do I' (Download this explanation in PDF here). They are used in similar ways.

Also is more formal than as well and too, and it usually comes before the main verb or after be: I went to New York last year, and I also spent some time in Washington. To vs. too To is a versatile preposition .

Let me start with when to use them. Also usually goes before the verb.

2 Whenever you’re in doubt about whether to use to or too , see if any of those synonyms of too (i.e., additionally , extremely , etc.) A few of its many definitions are (1) toward , (2) reaching as far as , and (3) until .

My brother not only goes to school; he also works part time for a company.

In addition, some people use it to mean "very". Danny is really tired and I am also exhausted.

However, when using too with nouns, too is followed by 'much' or 'many.'

I am also living in London at the moment. Think of too as being relevant when there is an increase in something, such as temperature, difficulty, etc.

also / as well / too also / as well / too.

/ My neighbors were at the show that night too. Also is normally used before the verb. I have also seen that film.

8. Also is placed before the main verb in a clause or sentence except with the verb be. Also, as well, too.

Her offer was too good to refuse.

Adverbs can also be used: She drove too slowly to arrive on time.

My neighbors were also at the show that night.

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