Arctostaphylos glauca Los Angeles Big Berry Manzanita. In the wild Manzanita, Arctostaphylos species, grace the slopes of Pacific North America from the deserts to the sea. Manzanita Nursery 880 Chalk Hill Road, Solvang, CA 93463 PO Box 1003, Solvang, CA 93463 Phone: 805-688-9692 Fax: 805-688-5708 Availability List Genus Species Common Name 1 gal 5gal 15gal 24"bx Exposure Size (H x W) Cal Please call us at 1-760-767-4901 or email to place an order and Stay Safe! If you gather from private property, that is ok with permission from the owner. In California alone there are over 80 naturally occurring species or varieties. LADYLAWYER : Okay, the answer is that yes, the trees are protected by state and local ordinances and it is illegal to harvest anything but the fruit without a permit--even if the tree is on private property. The heat from fire cracks open the seeds and allows them to germinate. One of the greatest joys as a designer of native gardens in California is working with Manzanita (Arctostaphylos).

That being said, it is not illegal to possess cuttings and in fact, many places legally sell cuttings because they grow trees just for that purpose and have the permits to do so. After some poking around on the net I learned that it is indeed illegal to gather, cut, or burn manzy from national parks without a permit. If anyone has ever had success growing manzanita East of the Rockies… Manzanita grows in areas with typically cool wet winters, and hot dry summers. R/S/C/Cat. Our Manzanita Display & Decor Trees are harvested in the mountains of Southern California. Wild animals and birds eat the berries and you can too. Manzanita seeds can lay dormant in the soil for decades, and it is believed up to a century or more. Our Conservation Nursery supplies trees, plants, seeds, and contract growing services. It is found in Chaparral and Central Oak Woodland in the mountains of Lake county. Manzanita seedlings sprouting from the char after a fire. There are at least fifty species and most are native to the North American Far West, from Baja California to British Columbia. The flowers vary from pink to white. %Native: 20. It is found in rocky areas in mixed evergreen forest from Del Norte county into Oregon. I ordered these lighted branches to replace my spring summer bouquet and they are very nice. Manzanitas (Arctostaphylos) are in the Heath Family (Ericaceae), making them relatives of heath (Erica), heather (Calluna), and blueberries (Vaccinium).They are woody plants from chaparral and forest and range in size from sprawling groundcovers to small trees. It's hardness, unique qualities and shapes make it ideal for designers and store owners. Native Northwesterners.

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