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Hackmanite is a higher vibration variety of Sodalite, and its color is generally pink or lavender purple. Formula: Na 8 Al 6 Si 6 O 2 4Cl Isometric Description: Sodalite is a blue to white mineral found in silica-undersaturated igneous rocks and their metamorphosed equivalents. Nepheline Syenite gneiss is the geologic name of the rock found … Unlike haüyne and nosean, sodalite is virtually CO 2-free (Bellatreccia et al., 2009). It is never found stably together with quartz, but does occur with nepheline, cancrinite and other low-silica minerals. The royal blue of Sodalite is often mixed with veins of white. A sodalite deposit was discovered in Greenland in 1806 and then sodalite ornaments were seen in 1891, when larger deposits of gem-quality material were found in Ontario, Canada. The surrounding material is composed of a grayish-white mineral called Nepheline.

Its ideal color is an intense blue, and it comes in all shades of blue from light blue to deep royal-blue, and from grayish-blue to violet. Evidence of Sodalite has been found in this city’s ruins and would have killed one of the most significant early historians and crystallographers, Pliny the Elder. Princess Sodalite Mine: The Princess Sodalite mine is located 4km east of Bancroft, on Highway 28. Ideally sodalite has Na 4 Cl in the two cages in the unit cell. Walking along the mountain trials at night is much like night prospecting in the Franklin NJ dumps - but instead of the ever present orange glow from calcite, it's an orange glow from sodalite.

Different shades of blue will often be present in a single gemstone. A New Kind of Fluorescent Sodalite. It is usually translucent, with a vitreous luster, and has a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6. The stone was discovered in 1811. Sodalite is a member of the Sodalite group with tugtupite, hauyne, lazurite and nosean.Although similar to Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite hardly contains Pyrite, which is a basic material in Lapis Lazuli. It has also been found in Russia, Greenland, Romania, France, India, Myanmar, Namibia, Canada and the USA.

Located about 200 m north of Orotumba village. It was first found in Greenland and then located in Ontario, Canada. Sodalite is usually blue to blue-violet in color and found with nepheline and other feldspathoid minerals. Most pieces consist of sodalite interspersed in a lujavrite matrix, along with aegirine and occasionally steenstrupine.

Meaning and Metaphysical Properties of Sodalite Sodalite is also used for ornamental carvings such as animal carvings and small statues. Sodalite was first described in 1811 for the occurrence in its type locality in the Ilimaussaq complex, Narsaq, West Greenland. Sodalite is a blue gemstone almost invariably veined with white streaks or markings. The sodalite from this mine varies in its intensity of blue. Description: Sodalite is a blue to white mineral found in silica-undersaturated igneous rocks and their metamorphosed equivalents. When exposed to SW UV it is very tenebrescent. Back in January 2018, it was brought to the attention of one of us (RL) that a gentleman named Erik Rintamaki was selling pebbles and cobbles of fluorescent syenite that he had collected along the Lake Superior shore in Luce and Chippewa counties of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, marketing them under the unofficial name "yooperlites". Sodalite Group.Also classed as a feldspathoid. Hackmanite – a transparent, pink, calcium and sulfur-rich variety of sodalite found at Mont St. Hilaire, Canada.

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