You can find quite a few minerals, rocks, and gemstones in this state. Geodes can be found in locations all over the world and can be anywhere from a few centimeters in size all the way up to tomb sized geodes that may weigh upwards of a ton!.
Most of the gold found in the river is no larger than flakes, but some nuggets have been reportedly found within the glacial rocks on the north side of the river.

The Missouri River runs through 14 towns in the state of Missouri. A pipe cutter, specifically the model above (Wheeler-Rex 590 Soil Pipe Cutter) is great for opening geodes. Montana- Geodes have been found in Bear Canyon Nebraska- Geodes have been found around Squaw Creek near Wymore, around … Return to Main Minerals List: These exciting and very rare geodes were located and excavated by Michael Streeter NC Professional Geologist, Photographer & Rockhound for us to tell the story would lose way too much of the excitement and luck in finding these rare geodes. You can find geodes in California, Indiana, Utah, Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky. The amethyst crystals in this specimen are lustrous, and have hematite needles and blades on and included within them.

Nature creates geodes in hollow areas of the soil like places near tree roots or abandoned animal burrows.

These once productive mines are now closed and it is very difficult to find specimens in this area now. While geodes are found in many parts of the Unkted States, the gem-like qualitiy of these stones are unique to the extreme northeast corner of Missouri where the Sheffler …
The roundish hollow crystal-filled rocks are collectively referred to as "Keokuk Geodes", having been named after the city of Keokuk, Iowa located in the heart of the collecting area. Missouri- Geodes have been found around Kimmswick, and around the Des Moines River and Alexandria (Keokuk/Warsaw Area). It is located near the three-state intersection of Illinois, Iowa and Missouri, with geodes of this locality being found in all three states. Although geodes can be found in carbonate-rich rocks throughout the state, one of the most famous geode collecting areas in the country is in western Illinois and adjacent parts of Iowa and Missouri.

XL Missouri Pokerchip Calcite Monster Geodes: SpiritRock Shop: Click on any photo to see a larger version.

Tim Sheffler displays a typical geode, a naturally hollow rock containing quartz deposits. The Show Me State is home to many different types of rocks and minerals. Due to its importance in Missouri’s economy and development, Galena was designates as the official state mineral of Missouri in 1967. Rare Find! The tri-state area of southeast Iowa, northeast Missouri and western Illinois, is renowned for its geodes. They also form as bubbles in volcanic rock.

The region encompasses about a 70-mile radius from the towns of Warsaw, Hamilton, and Nauvoo.

Many fee dig sites for geodes are found in the areas of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois rich in geodes.

This river is the most heavily prospected river in Missouri.

When you're searching for geodes, look for rocks that are round or egg-shaped with a bumpy texture.

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