Whitey Bulger Gang's Notorious 'House of Horrors' Is Up for Sale in Boston The Untold Story Behind the Infamous 'In Cold Blood' Murder House—and Why It's … 10 photos from outside ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s South Boston funeral Bulger's brother, former Massachusetts Senate President William Bulger, was among those who attended. The home, which Bulger called "The “Haunty,” was once owned by the brother of a Bulger associate. The home that James “Whitey” Bulger called “The Haunty” is for sale. The house dates to 1885 and is 1,975 square feet but the lot itself is … The Boston house where feared gang leader Whitey Bulger tortured, murdered and buried some of his victims is up for sale — for an eye-popping $3.5 … Today Billy Bulger, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in new Bulger biopic Black Mass, lives in the heart of South Boston - or Southie. House where Whitey Bulger’s victims were killed and buried is on sale for $3.5 million Emily Sweeney. House Where Whitey Bulger Buried Bodies For Sale For $3.5M Back in 2013 Kevin Weeks testified he remembered Whitey Bulger killing and then burying Deborah Hussy in …

The home that James “Whitey” Bulger called “The Haunty” is for sale. If this is the state of one of many corrupt alphabet agencies who swear an oath it’s beyond time for the consequences of that broken oath to be administered. A second Massachusetts mobster was reportedly being eyed as another suspect in the vicious slaying of notorious crime boss James “Whitey” Bulger at a West Virginia prison earlier this week. Catherine Greig, the girlfriend of Whitey Bulger, is now at a halfway house in Massachusetts to serve out the rest of her federal prison sentence for helping the notorious crime boss. The home, nicknamed "The Haunty" in Bulger's time, went up for sale four months ago for a cool $3.5 million. FBI agents did pull $822,198 out of the wall inside Whitey Bulger’s hideout in Santa Monica, Calif., after his arrest in the summer of 2011 when he was caught along with companion Catherine Greig. A home that once served as a secret burial ground for victims of James “Whitey” Bulger’s gang is on the market for $3.5 million in Boston.The property … Bobby mueller used Whitey Bulger to kill for the FBI and I would bet Bobby had him moved and snuffed to cover his tracks. Whitey Bulger was a prominent figure in Boston's organized crime scene from the 1970s until the mid-'90s, when he fled the area. BOSTON (Reuters) - Deborah Hussey had no idea what she was in for when she stepped into the South Boston house that served as both death chamber and graveyard for some of … Of the 11 murders for which Bulger was ultimately found guilty, three of them took place in the house at 799 East 3rd Street, South Boston, according to the testimony of Kevin Weeks. The house is owned by a daughter and son-in-law of Bulger’s brother, William M. Bulger, who was the longtime president of the Massachusetts Senate and a … During Bulger's racketeering trial, a witness said he saw Bulger kill three people in the house. Interweaving the perspectives of Bulger, his family and cohorts, and law enforcement, Hunting Whitey explains how this dangerous criminal evaded capture for nearly two decades and shines a spotlight on the dedicated detectives, federal agents, and prosecutors involved in bringing him to justice.

Whitey Bulger’s haunts and hangouts Before the release of the Whitey Bulger biopic on Friday, familiarize yourself with some of the key locations in the mobster’s past.

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