David was born in Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, in the year 2854 (907 BCE), during the era of the prophets. David’s father, Yishai, was the grandson of Boaz and Ruth. Jesse, also spelled Isai, in the Old Testament, the father of King David.Jesse was the son of Ohed, and the grandson of Boaz and Ruth. The gospel of Matthew records that various people, on six different occasions, acknowledged Jesus as the Son of David…

David, second king of ancient Israel, an important figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

That means that he was a direct descendant of David and so David was a many-greats grandfather to him.

After several years of marriage to his wife, Nitzevet, and after having raised several virtuous children, Yishai began to entertain personal doubts about his ancestry.

David’s life. He was a farmer and sheep breeder in Bethlehem. The appellation “son of Jesse” served as a synonym for David both at Saul’s court and, subsequently, when David became king.

Was Joseph, Jesus’ father, descended from King David? Well, for starters, Joseph was not Jesus’ father according to Scripture. God the Father created the universe and everything in it. God set a plan in place to save humanity from itself.
Ultimately, Jesus Christ was born as a descendant of David (Matthew 1:1), providing a fulfillment of prophecy and bestowing the greatest possible honor to King David. He was the father of Solomon. His early occupation was that of tending his father’s sheep on the uplands of Judah.From what we know of his later history, he likely played his shepherd’s flute frequently, while he absorbed many lessons from the various scenes spread around him.. His first recorded youthful exploits were his encounters with the wild beasts of the field. It is unfortunate that people answer these question by quoting the Gospels.

He was the youngest of seven sons, and only 10 generations removed from Judah, one of Jacob 's 12 sons. This is true of Jesus through Mary (the genealogical line of Luke 3). However, the New Testament Jews knew the title, "Son of David… David is an important figure in Rabbinic Judaism, with many legends around him.

David was promised that one of his offspring would rule forever. The primary evidence for David’s career is constituted by several chapters of the books 1 and 2 Samuel in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). According to the Hebrew Bible, David and his house—his descendants—were appointed by God to rule all Israel (2Sam 7:1-17).The term “Israel” here encompasses a united kingdom that included both the tribe of Judah in the south, David’s home territory where he first came to power, and the ten northern tribes of Israel, where Saul ruled before David took over his kingdom. Jesus was called the "Son of David" while he was here on the earth.

David’s Early Life. Jesus said God knows us so well he has numbered every hair on each person's head.

He was born in David's city, Bethlehem. Jesus was a son of David through her.

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