(Gag photos are often made by backup and prime crews for NASA missions. (Gag photos are often made by backup and prime crews for NASA missions. It also worked as a setup for Pete Conrad's first words on the moon, which, naturally, were a joke. "As far as I know, Pete had always planned on being a naval aviator," commented Dean David C. Hazen, then an Assistant Professor and now Professor of Aeronautical Engineering. Conrad's career in space began when NASA selected him as part of its second astronaut class in 1962. However, it makes more sense when you consider that Jim Lovell and Pete Conrad knew each other well from before they became astronauts: they worked at the same Navy test pilot school. Pete and I divorced after 37 years of marriage. Apollo 12, the second manned lunar landing, landed on the Ocean of Storms, near the Surveyor III probe. Wiki User 2011-11-14 14:27:17. April 11-17, 1970 . [Conrad was only 5'6" tall] The backup crew were Dave Scott, Al Worden, and Jim Irwin. The late astronaut Pete Conrad had a distinguished record and a wide streak of cowboy in him. It also worked as a setup for Pete Conrad's first words on the moon, which, naturally, were a joke. The 39-year-old astronaut apparently had always wanted to become a pilot.

Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean's face mask reflects the Apollo 12 astronaut Commander Charles 'Pete' Conrad, as Conrad snaps his companion's photo while taking soil samples from the surface of … (Apollo 12, AS12-46-6718) A former Navy test pilot and performance engineer, he became the third man to step on the Moon on Nov. 19, 1969. Jim Lovell . These astronaut jokes are great for teachers, parents, science programs, librarians and children of all ages. Related Questions. Apollo 12 commander Charles "Pete" Conrad prepares to descend the ladder of the Lunar Module to become the third human to walk on the Moon. Apollo 13 ended in near disaster when oxygen tank 2 exploded 55 hours into the mission. Jack Swigert (1931-1982) Fred Haise Apollo 13. Jane: It was a big ego trip for the men—women hanging around. Charles Conrad Jr. was born on June 2, 1930, in the affluent Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia. Pete Conrad: "Man, that may have been a small one for Neil, but it's a long one for me." "Astronaut Bio: Charles Conrad, Jr.," Web site of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, http: //www.jsc.nasa.gov/Bios/htmlbios/conrad-c.html , July 1999. Because he was chosen by M.A.S.A for the Apollo 12 mission. Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr. (2 June 1930 – 8 July 1999), was an astronaut and U.S. Navy pilot. Bean was the Apollo Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 12, the second lunar landing.In November 1969, Bean and Pete Conrad landed on the Moon's Ocean of Storms—after a flight of 250,000 miles and a launch that included a harrowing lightning strike.

Conrad used to call Lovell "Shaky", an embarassing name for a test pilot - so this is … He and Cmdr. Why did pete conrad go to the moon? His mom called him “Peter.” At the age of 21 his fiancé’s father-in-law called him “Pete” and he kept that moniker thereafter. Conrad was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pete Conrad, American astronaut, copilot on the Gemini 5 spaceflight (1965), command pilot of Gemini 11, spacecraft commander of the Apollo 12 flight to the Moon, and commander of the Skylab 2 mission.

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