Indeed, Nebula specifically warns Ronan (after the latter kills The Other) that he could never win against Thanos. 1. The movie offers a slight explanation by implying a Kree peace treaty with the Nova Empire, based on Xandar, is the only factor. Nebula didn’t betray Thanos in Guardians Vol. Ronan is powerful even without a gem, and with one he gains more power, and he might very well believe he could handle Thanos alone. By the time Guardians begins, Ronan has abandoned his people, been ruled an outcast and pariah, and now … no marvel didn't downplay thanos’s role in the scene they just didn't let him fully become involved with the events of the film otherwise Roan wouldn't get the spotlight. But Thanos is also very powerful, without the gems he's of similar power to Thor, very strong, very fast, and very durable, so its entirely possible even with the Infinity gem he still wouldn't be able to defeat Thanos. Ronan, during this stage, is still pursuing Thanos’ goal. But in hindsight--at least for fans who enjoy spinning theories that might work better than Marvel's actual writing--that doesn't feel like the whole story.

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