They may be unaware that wireless connections are much less reliable than wired connections and slow internet connections may be caused by a problem at home rather than with the ISP service. How to Improve Wireless Broadband Speed Today many people use wireless routers at home for convenient access to the internet without running cables all over the house.

Issues with ethernet connection - internet slower than on WiFi in Network and Sharing I have a desktop pc in room 1 which up until now has been connecting fine to the internet via WiFi from the router (DrayTek Vigor2710ne) in room 2.
Link to post Share on other sites. with wired on my laptop , i get 16mbs with wired on my pc, i cant get to speedtest and cannot access yotuube facebook etc, but some other website works. Sign in to follow this . I just installed a new wireless ac adapter and I do get a 1.3Gbps connection to my router. However when I test this connection by transferring some large files I get about 350Mbps for sending and 600 Mbps for receiving. That's less than half my full speed. Hey I just got new internet and when I connect my computer using ethernet it's signifiantly slower than wireless on the same computer. Alternatively, the problem might reside in the miles of underground and above-ground cables that the ISP uses to transmit data. Wireless transfer uses radio signals and is always slower than wired transfer. Hooking up my roomates computer to the wired produces very fast results (faster than wifi) so the problem is my computer's ethernet connection. Why Is My Wired Internet Connection Slower Than My Wireless Conventionally, if someone is looking for wired internet connection (Ethernet) to get it connected to their device, it means that they want a more robust, more reliable and faster internet connection with negligible interference as compared to the wireless internet connection which in turn disturbs the connection with the … WiFi is a technology that trades performance for convenience. My wired speed through an Ethernet cable is an impressive 150MBPS max. My wired download speed is 2.3 MB/s. I phoned my internet provider whom claim that my wifi card is … If you are wondering why your WiFi is slower than if you plug into your router with an ethernet cable, look no further. with wireless my laptop, i get 36mbs with wireless on my pc, i get the same I understand that a wifi connection will usually be slower but in this case I am confused.

There has to be another solution. Your Internet connection could be slow because of an ISP issue. Link to post Share on other sites. Why is my Wired internet speed slower than my wireless internet speed? ... Pc is ethernet my laptop and phone are wireless but the pc internet speed is much slower share.

Networks use hardware, such as cables, modems, routers, and network interface cards, to connect to the Internet. Now, I'm assuming that my 802.11n device should meet far beyond the needs of the g router, yet it is nearly half as fast as my ethernet connection to the router? (FIXED) Pc Ethernet Slower than wireless!!

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