Was able to blitz Yamamoto and with nothing but his, Reiatsu could bring the entire Soul Palace down. Either Yhwach or Aizen. Shattering Blut Vene Anhaben with a Kido-enhanced karate chop? A crazy chapter with a lot of awesome stuff happening, a crazy chapter as we’re about to see Ichibei vs Yhwach is next week’s Bleach 605 chapter, it’s going to be epic! Don't know. A shame such a thing won’t happen. Normally kumagawa could use all fiction to make his own death fiction after he died (somehow) as he has done in canon but in this case yhwach would've negated it Well in Ichibei's own words, all that's Black is his to control. mach 1 is basically speed of sound, which is 340 m/s u should prob use the 12 hours bit, then use speed of lightning "mach 300" for a low end, as ichigo reacted to and intercepted lightning vs candice, well as i saw it anyway (if not you could always use mach 64, which is a speed feat for kenpachi associated with his meteor feat, and ofc ichigo should be > kenpachi in terms of speed) Crossing 1000 Ri in several seconds?

Firstly everything hinges on Aizen, the other 3 all get bodied by Almighty, this entire thing relies on Aizen hypnotizing Yhwach so he can't see the future and the past. If Ichibei can repeat such a process, the arc wouldn’t even have any need for Ichigo to finish things off. Ichibei hit Yhwach so hard he would fly 300 miles. It's worth noting however that Ichibei caught up to Yhwach and hit him again while Yhwach was mid-flight; so there is no guarantee that Yhwach was sent flying the full 1000-Ri distance. Than he outrun him before he crossed several dozen km and hit him again. (1000 Ri is about the length of a continent, btw). Ichibei fought and lost to Yhwach before he had regained all his power. Gamers Kids – Gaming, Anime, DC, Marvel. The novels implies the RG were pretty much all post Hgoukou Aizen level, there was a comment in Yhwach vs. Ichibei where Yhwach said Ichibei's riatsu disappeared, and both Kenpachi and Ichigo even before RG training were noted as having their riatsu vanish. The Mausoleum is Ichibei's only chance, but as we saw in the Yhwach fight, this is really Ichibei's last resort move and in such a fight, I'd think Ichibei would probably be dead by then. Ichibei Hyōsube (兵主部 一兵衛, Hyousube Ichibei) is the commanding Shinigami of the Royal Guard, holding the title "Monk of Perception" (まなこ和尚, Manako Oshō). After nullifying Ichibei's Futen Daisatsuryo, he gains a third pupil in each eye. Ichibei has far better physical feats. Yhwach's schrift, and true and ultimate power, his irises and pupils split in two. This is pretty much an Aizen vs Yhwach thread. Endows Precognition, this one being powerful enough to see from the present all the way into the distant future. Knocking Yhwach at half-strength back 1000 Ri with a casual punch? As in, mook tier captains are fast enough to deflect real lightning and they can't even react to somebody on level of visored Ichigo whom in turn can't see Ichibei/Aizen/Yamamoto move. Keishin , Jul 24, 2018 Keishin , Jul 24, 2018 He wears the standard Shinigami uniform beneath a … Ichibei uses one of his techniques but is unable as Yhwach uses his all seeing eyes to destroy Ichibei without even moving, unknown if he’s dead or not, although his body seems to be in crumbles. Ichibei & the rest of the 0 squad/RG. That 300 miles thing is the one i'm saying is wrong.

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