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thank lucky stars phrase. Before Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds performed the latter song in their 1952 movie, "You Are My Lucky Star" had already become a hit and was well on its way to becoming a standard because of the kick-start it got from Broadway Melody of '36 and the recordings spawned by the film. What does thank lucky stars expression mean? To thank your lucky stars definition: If you say that someone should thank their lucky stars that something is the case, you... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Fig. "You are my lucky star" is a turn of phrase used to express the thought that the "star" has come into the person's life in such a manner as to be "lucky" or fortunate for that person. thank one's lucky stars. Definition: To express gratitude for a lucky thing that has happened to you. ... See also: lucky, star, thank. to be thankful for one's luck. Definition of thank lucky stars in the Idioms Dictionary. Synonymous with the phrase “thank my lucky stars,” this idiom expresses thankfulness. Bless Your Lucky Star Meaning. In either case, "You Are My Lucky Star" got lucky a lot earlier than "Singin' in the Rain." Someone would say, “bless my lucky star” if something surprising or lucky has happened to him or her recently.

You can thank your lucky stars that I was there to help you.

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